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Venga, a proud Sponsor of the Ingeniux User Conference 2017, has partnered with Ingeniux and the newest release of their Worldview platform to streamline website content translation and publishing.

San Francisco, California, October 5, 2017, Just last week Venga Global solidified their partnership with front running CMS Ingeniux at the 2017 Ingeniux User Conference. Venga’s seamless integration with the new Ingeniux Worldview system in Ingeniux CMS v10 changes the way web administrators and content managers interact with their CMS during the content translation process. Many don’t realize that a substantial amount of income can be lost from simple content or translation errors on their website, or how costly it is for their teams to manage pages and assets in multiple languages with a system that is not built for it from its foundation. With their newest release, Ingeniux CMS users will be able to identify all the content that needs translation and deliver it to Venga’s Translation system through one single unified process.

Venga Global originated in the software industry as part of PeopleSoft/Oracle. The team at Venga Global has over 25 years of experience to offer top-quality global translation services with expertise in software localization, website translation, video translation, eLearning and training translation, and global branding. Venga offers translation and localization in over 100 languages, with offices and resources located across the globe.

In parallel with the public release of Ingeniux CMS v10 and the new Worldview framework, Venga sponsored the 2017 Ingeniux User Conference. During the event, Venga’s Chief Technology Officer & the lead developer of the Worldview initiative came together to discuss what a world-class translation strategy looks like & to give an in-depth demonstration of the new Ingeniux Worldview features. Choosing the right website translation technology increases income while reducing overhead costs by streamlining and making the translation process more efficient.

The unveiling of the new Ingeniux Worldview is said to put it among the best translation CMS’s in its class because of some key updates. The newest additions include the ability to lingually clone assets and regionally publish assets, a new UI for asset and metadata management as well as enhancements to allow for 3rd party asset translations in Translation Manager. One of the biggest benefits of these improvements is the ability to regionally target assets such as displaying background images like the Eiffel Tower for the French market and the Space Needle for the US. Improved translation management will also reduce time and cost involved.

Many companies are still unable to cash in on international clientele because of missed translation opportunities. Although it is 2017, many online presences’ are still in the stone ages when it comes to proper website translation strategy. Venga team members have mastered all aspects of localizing software products, with particular emphasis on managing software localization planning and execution, as well as creating global content, such as documentation, online help, and training materials.

To learn more about Venga Global or their new Ingeniux Worldview update, visit their official website at www.vengaglobal.com

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