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Nationally respected college planners have been assembled to create and deliver the most comprehensive yet affordable approach to college planning. Families can save thousands of dollars with proper planning.

Lebanon, New Jersey, October 12, 2017, Studies show that 95% of parents wait much too long before getting serious about college planning. The result is that students miss out on the best college for their future and parents end up spending thousands of dollars more than if they had started planning for college early. It can be a very costly, challenging and frustrating experience to dive into this arena without proper guidance. Finally, such guidance has appeared with the launching of the new OnlineCollegePlanning.com platform.

This ingenious platform has brought together the nation’s top college planners in all the relevant areas with the goal of saving families from financial ruin. In most cases, early planning, even from the Freshman year, will result in better college choices for the student. The approach of hoping and counting on Scholarships is not the best approach. Clearly there is a better way, and it is to be found at OnlineCollegePlanning.com. The company reports that they are proud to provide parents/students with their very own free personal college assessment report.

Online College Planning is offering a suite of services that have been unavailable until now. Here are some of their featured services:

College Matchmaker: Knowing which colleges view you as their ideal student can go a long way to getting a strong financial aid award at a school you might not have otherwise considered.

Educational Webinars: OCP maintains a vast library of videos and webinars on all topics related to the college process.

College Scorecard and Visit Questions: OCP not only provides you with questions to ask, but their Scorecard gives you a quantitative way to analyze and compare each school you visit so you make the right long term choice and save you money on the cost of college.

Private Scholarship Resources: They provide a list of websites that help you search for private scholarships.

FAFSAssist: Let them help you manage the financial aid process using their proven FAFSAssist technology.

Essay Guide & Editing: Their essay guide answers the question, “What makes a good college essay?”

Merit Max: Merit Max is available exclusively through Online College Planning. It will help you create a list of colleges that are likely to compete for your student and the out of pocket costs you can expect from each one.

The complete list of available services is on their website.

A company spokesperson explains their goals: “We provide clarity and reality to minimize any stress or anxiety you may have so you can enjoy the last years of your student’s high school education. Online College Planning helps you make the informed decisions you need to save you and your student from a lifetime burden of debt without having to sacrifice or put off your own retirement goals in the process.”

Customer Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what Dean & Sara J., Verified Customers from Ohio, had to say: ” I had no idea we would qualify for financial aid, let alone be able to INCREASE what we qualified for. Not only did Mel get into her first choice school, but we paid far less than we ever imagined.”

For complete information, please visit: http://www.onlinecollegeplanning.com/

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