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Global Metrology Centers Will Bring Together The World’s Brightest Minds In A Combined Effort to Implement Such Projects In Such Fields as Renewable Energy, Future Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computer, Bioinformatics and other future issues.

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, October 18, 2017, As part of the evolution of cryptocurrencies, ICO’s abound from all over the globe. Few have taken on an agenda that can truly change the world and make it a better place for all mankind. Such is the mission of GMP, the Global Metrology Project. Seldom has the world seen such an ambitious project, one that not only benefits mankind, but also benefits investors. Their Pre-Initial Token Sale is live now and is already garnering massive interest from both institutional as well as private investors. Metrology is all about measurements, testing, certification and standards definition. It affects almost every industry. Think about it: go to a shop where a scale is used and it must be periodically calibrated. Scientific and medical instruments must be calibrated. Even service on your automobile is done on calibrated machines and instruments.

GMP is not new at this as they have been providing metrology services in Russia since 2014. The successful results of the pilot phase of the project allows the team at GMP to state confidently that the project can be scaled to reach its global potential. More than 200 GMP centers will be opened in 70 countries of the world. These innovative centers will open their doors in the countries of Asia and Europe. The brightest minds the world has ever seen in all areas of scientific and technical endeavors will become part of the teams. The network of Metrology centers will become a scientific platform for creation and implementation of such tasks as renewable energy, medicine of the future, artificial intelligence,

The concept behind cryptocurrencies and this Initial Token Offering means that every citizen of the world can participate in a massive project designed for the betterment of mankind. Token holders will have access and gain rewards from future expansion and other ICO’s planned by GMP. Competition in this field, especially on the world stage is almost non-existent. GMP Metrology Centers will ride the crest as new technologies are implemented and new scientific research yields new discoveries. Without Metrology, there can be no verification of results and no establishment of standards to maintain such results.

The initial GMP Metrology Center proved to be successful beyond the founders dreams. The achievements of the Center during its first year:

• Orders of more than 9000 private customers were fulfilled.
• The work of more than 200 companies was executed.
• Nomenclature of the verified instruments expanded up to 50 types.
• More than 60 long-term contracts for metrological provisions at enterprises were concluded.
• The quantity of errors and correction was minimal in the operating activity of the Center.
• For a period of time the GMP Center became the largest private regional metrology center.

Based on the analysis of the state of the competitive environment in the market of metrological services in the Russian Federation, it can be concluded that the market under study is a market with underveloped competition as is the case all over the world. The GMP project will become the owner of intellectual property products, copyrights and patents. Sixty percent of the financial revenues from copyrights and research patents will be distributed pro rata among the holders of GMP tokens annually. A detailed discussion about the GMP ITO can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information, please visit: https://gmp.im/

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