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Investors have been anxiously awaiting the time when those huge brokerage commissions would be no more. Thanks to trade.io that time has come and early investors in this blockbuster ICO will see unheard of profits that they can actually keep without paying out that bulky commission to their “Advisor”.

Zug, Switzerland, October 30, 2017, On the heels of an announcement of Trade.io’s upcoming ICO, Trade.io can now confirm that two early adopters of this new financial trading platform will in fact use this trading exchange on the first day of operations. In an unusual twist, this development of early adopters will prove to be extremely profitable for early investors of this highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering.

Trade.io has already sent ripples through not only the Financial Sector, but also the world of ICO investing as this ICO stands out among the rest. Most Pre-ICO’s although may have great potential, many will ultimately fail due to either a lack of interest or a lack of users. It is important to understand that Trade.io has successfully secured two regulated brokerage firms that will use the platform for trading immediately upon release, which will allow for an immediate expansion of the platform and distribution.

During a recent press event, Jim Preissler, the CEO of Trade.io was quoted as saying, “We’re fortunate to have two regulated brokers, FX Primus Europe (CY) Ltd. (FXPRIMUS) & Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd. (PCM), as early adopters of our platform. In FXPRIMUS we have an EU regulated company with hundreds of thousands of clients which could potentially utilize trade.io’s technology, and in PCM, we have an FCA regulated company with a sterling reputation and world-class regulatory oversight.”  Preissler continued, “I feel we’re in a unique position in that we have not yet launched, but are attracting interest to be first in line.”

In addition, trade.io also has commitments from private companies who wish to list on its exchange. To this, Mr. Preissler noted, “As part of our investment banking offering, we provide a service where we assist start up and existing companies in raising capital, and eventually listing on our exchange.  It’s a unique turnkey type setup, where we handle all the ‘legwork’ at a fraction of the cost and effort of a traditional IPO, so the client can focus on running its business.”  Preissler continued, “An interesting company of note who approached us about listing on our exchange was THB Holdings. They are launching an innovative Super Sport Race Franchise called The Human Baton, and have aligned themselves with partners who have worked alongside such superstars as Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé.”

As with any Initial Stock Offering, the key is to get in early before the stock hits the exchange. The same concept applies to ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). Trade.io is selling 275 million TradeTokens (TIO) via an ICO, with the Pre-ICO starting November 7, 2017. The chance to get in early at a discounted price will end November 22, 2017, when this highly anticipated ICO is set to launch.

To learn more about how to invest into this opportunity or to visit their official website, visit http://www.trade.io or review their Whitepaper directly at https://www.trade.io/whitepaper.

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