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As the times change more and more people are turning to freelancing websites to either find work or to find freelancers to work for them. What freelancers and job posters don’t know is how much money these platforms are making off of their hard work for doing practically nothing. CryptoTask aims to change that by launching a Cryptocurrency based platform that will put the profits back in the pockets of freelancers and even allow profit sharing from their ICO.

Croatia – Nov 14th, 2017, CryptoTask made major waves in the Financial and Freelancing industry this week with the announcement of a new type of Freelancing market that could possibly change the face of the Freelancing industry forever.  The freelance industry is dominated by two companies which allows them to set outrageously high commissions, until now. Backed by a highly anticipated ICO, CryptoTask is launching  the world’s first decentralized Cryptocurrency task market that is set to disrupt a Trillion Dollar industry.

The CryptoTask team carries a wealth of knowledge with a combined experience of over a decade in everything from Software and Mobile, Blockchain and A.I. Technology to Electrical Engineering and Computing. The cofounders of CryptoTask, Vedran Kajic and Ivan Nanut hold a PHD and MBA and have been involved in Cryptocurrency R&D since before 2013. The CEO of CryptoTask, Ivan Nanut holds an MBA and has been involved in Cryptocurrency R&D since before 2013. Top Advisors have signed onto this project to guarantee the success of their Initial Coin Offering which is expected to bring high returns to early investors. CryptoTask will apply Blockchain technology to the current freelancing market. The commercial potential is huge, with freelancers making up 35% of the workforce in the U.S. and contributing approximately 1 trillion USD to the economy. The decentralization that Blockchain enables offers multiple advantages:

Lower fees
No censorship (Allows jobs that can’t be performed anywhere else)
Dispute process transparency
No financial limits
No arbitrary meddling from corporations or governments.

It’s these same features that make this ICO so attractive to potential investors because it has the power to change the Freelancing market, if not solely because of lower commissions charged by the platform. Lower commissions alone will have Freelancers flocking to CryptoTask which is expected to make their ICO Token price surge. During a seminar, the spokesperson for CryptoTask was quoted as saying, “We are going to introduce a Blockchain-based task market system consisting of clients, freelancers and reviewers. Reviewers get a percentage of each task value even if no dispute process is initiated, and if a dispute is initiated, they get a larger percentage as compensation. Also, all CryptoTask token holders get a small percentage as a dividend. In the simplest case, the client and the freelancer will agree on the job outcome.”

The CryptoTask ICO Pre-Sale is set to launch on November 20th 2017 and is expected to sell out quickly. During Pre-Sale tokens will be sold with 100% bonuses and once Pre-Sale closes this offer will no longer be available. Pre-Sale is currently set to close on December 11th 2017 at which time the CryptoTask Initial Coin Offering will formally open to the public for investment.

To learn more about investing in this ICO or to learn more about CryptoTask, visit their official website at http://www.cryptotask.org or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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