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The Team at AgreCoin has created the solution for both the novice and advanced investors alike; A Crypto Coin Fund based upon the top 6 selling coins at any one time on the market. Thereby diversifying risk, while consolidating gains for the top 6 most stable currencies on the market.

Durban, South Africa, December 4, 2017. The incredible success of Bitcoin has shown the world that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and that they can present a viable investment opportunity with both short and long-term gains. Presently, there are hundreds of what are called Alt (alternative) Coins, yet there are only a select group that has managed to remain at the top of the crypto charts. It makes good sense to have these top performers in one’s portfolio.

This is exactly what the AgreCoin and the UpStart1K represents. Instead of buying small amounts of the top tier cryptos and then tracking and monitoring them daily, it makes a lot more sense when investors can earn returns generated by an entire sector. AgreCoin combines the top six cryptos on the market, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin. Owning an AgreCoin Token (AGRE) offers the opportunity to invest in all of these at one time without being subject to the volatility of each on a separate basis.

So, if not all 6 are performing at the top of the charts, the returns from the others are a built-in safeguard against the investors portfolio tanking. Simply stated, the goal for Agre-Coin is to minimize the risks of investment and maximize the returns investors might get from their investment.

With AgreCoin:

  • The top 6 volume based coins are purchased, 1/6th each.
  • These coins are then purchased daily based on new funds received.
  • As the top 6 go up in value, so does Agrecoin.
  • Easier to manage then the standard BTC and/or ETH only investments.

The high number of coins in the market leads to some coins having a very low value as compared to others. The goal of Agre-Coin is to manage an index fund of the coins that have a weighted average of the top 6 coins in the market. This is a brilliant strategy that has garnered the attention of not only institutional investors, but also private investors.

The AgreCoin Platform also will include the UpStart1K Token.

With UpStart1K:

Investors will not have to micromanage their money and still be able to hold their favorite altcoins. This fund will buy 130 selected smaller coins as well as 130 tokens out of the bottom 1000 listed on www.coinmarketcap.com and various ICOs. This is where the crypto market has seen coin values soar quickly after ICO’s are completed. Consider this: The lowest 1000 coins on the markets are purchased, UpStart1K’s coin value will go up as the market values of the 1000 coins goes up. Investors make money based on the rise in the entire market as a whole and this is less risky than trying to pick the favorites.

Even though Bitcoin is the ‘Big Daddy’ of cryptocurrency and accounts for just under 70% of overall market capitalization today, the altcoin boom predicted would outpace Bitcoin by a wide margin. A detailed discussion on the AgreCoin Platform can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

Their ICO Pre-Sale goes live on the 4th of December 2017 and presents an incredible opportunity to be part of the next generation of crypto coin investing, all while enjoying minimal risk. Early adopters will benefit from the generous discounts. Procrastinators will lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

For complete information, please visit: http://www.combined-coins.com

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