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Olencoin is a decentralized peer to peer digital coin that is not controlled by any central institution or government. It is an open-source platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities.

Valle Verde, Dominican Republic, December 16, 2017, “Olencoin” reports that they are readying for their impending ICO launch on December 20, 2017. The platform utilizes the highly regarded Bitcoin Cash Technology. Open source P2P functionality accelerates all transactions quickly, minimizes risk, enhances cyber security and does not involve any third party. Olencoin has a clearly transparent developmental roadmap. All Olencoin wallet versions will be fully up-to-date where users can secure their wallets and trade seamlessly on trading platforms.

Olencoin trading uses blockchain technology to ensure all investors enjoy safe and secure processing on their stable decentralized platform that does not involve any third-party involvement, thus allowing transparent and anonymous transactions between investors. The transfer of funds can be done anywhere in the world within seconds. The team consists of open source and closed source mining, construction and trading experts, engineers and managers who have extensive experience in their field. They have successfully beta tested and integrated BCH software on their platform. The ICO organizers have over 15 years of experience in international and financial markets.

Olencoin Token holders (OLC) can make money in several ways:

* Lending Program: The platform has a built-in lending program with very low risk, no tax and flexibility. High ROI up to 42% per month. Reinvestment with daily rate increases of 0.90% – 1.9%. Initial capital returned at the end of term along with interest and can be reinvested to boost profits.

* Staking Coins for Profit: Olencoin Tokens can simply be staked in the wallet to earn new coins.

* Trading Opportunity: OLC trading will bring huge profits for investors. Olencoin will be listed on exchanges in January, 2018. OLC owners can join the internal exchange early to trade after the ICO ends.

* Affiliate Program: One of the most generous in the industry. The ICO Affiliate bonus of 6% is credited on the Affiliates eWallet and can be withdrawn as Bitcoin (BTC) upon request.

The first crowdfunding round will be launched on December 20, 2017, and will feature a public sale of the OLC token. Early adopters will realize a great discount of 30% for the first 3 days. After 30-days this initial round of funding will end. A detailed discussion about Olencoin can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information, please visit: Olencoin.co

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