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As investors run to find the best ICO, many don’t know what to look for when identifying the next highly profitable ICO. Pre-Sale activity is one indicator as to how an ICO will perform once listed on an exchange. WebCoin.io having already raised in excess of $350,000 during Pre-Sale is set to formally launch their ICO & become listed on the Waves cryptocurrency exchange.

Los Angeles, CA – December 30th 2017, WebCoin.io made international headlines today with the announcement that their ICO Pre-Sale surpassed expectations and raised over $350,000. Investors are already thinking about where to put all their profits, as current Pre-Sale prices for WebCoin.io are $1 per token and it is expected to rise to over $7.00 per token once listed on the trading exchange Waves. Pre-Sale for this Initial Coin Offering is still open and will close on December 31st 2017. Many analysts say that this can be compared to Bluechip stocks at the ground level.

Webcoin is a new cryptocurrency asset based on the Waves Blockchain. Webcoin is used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the Webhits.io Ecosystem. Webcoin will be the first of its kind token that will create the synergy between the digital marketing and cryptocurrency world. The WebHits.io platform will connect users and advertisers as well as become the most powerful all in one digital marketing platform anywhere, think Google Adwords meets Digital Currency. The Webhits ecosystem will also create a new and alternative way for Webcoin mining which differs from any other type of cryptocurrency mining and proof of work. The Webhits.io platform will include an e-Wallet as well as a very advanced payment system that can accept local fiat currency.

Webhits.io stated mission is to provide actual results and increase ROI for advertisers, but also to lower the cost of service for website and social media engagement services globally. The experienced digital marketing, engineering and computer science specialists who have come together to form Webhits.io have created an end-to-end solution to the problem of the high cost of digital marketing and advertising solutions for affiliate marketers, book authors, freelancers, startups,  digital media agencies and businesses worldwide. The team at Webhits.io have an astounding 20+ years of experience in nearly every industry from car automation and real estate to digital marketing, programming and more.

During a recent event, the company spokesperson for Webhits.io was quoted as saying, “The Webcoin Advisory board has grown over the past 2 months. Our advisors have successful careers and history counts of over 20+ years of experience in various fields like cars automation, real estate, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, programming, robotics, and many many more. The number of advisors will continue to increase over time and we will bring more specialists on board to ensure the Webcoin project continues to evolve.”

This highly anticipated ICO Pre-Sale is set to close on December 31st at which time tokens can no longer be purchased at the discounted rate of $1.00 per token. Once listed it is expected that this ICO will soar to over $7.00 just after its listing on the exchange. Potential investors should act fast as this ICO Pre-Sale will close in a matter of hours.

To learn more about this ICO Pre-Sale opportunity, visit their official website at https://webcoin.today or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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