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 ZUFLO’s mission is to form an easy to use integrated Blockchain/Sidechain platform for trading & financing where the needs of the user, come first.

Tallinn, Estonia, February 2, 2018,  Zuflo was pleased to announce that their ICO Pre-Sale has been exceeding all expectations. They aim to be a trading & financing platform for the industry 4.0 era, using technologies like Blockchain / Sidechain & Artificial Intelligence, to reduce the number of counterparties, thus lowering the cost of services for the end users, along with state-of-the-art new trading & financing features. Zuflo will allow platform users to improve efficiency, error reduction, time savings, and straight-through processing without any intermediaries, and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management tools.

In addition, Zuflo will enable / empower more control and more transparency in the transacting of financing and trading operations. The Zuflo Platform has features and benefits never seen before in this type of financial trading platform, such as:

Integration of Fiat & Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Both, Crypto & FIAT exchange markets continue to evolve. It now requires a single platform that will allow high liquidity for a variety of Crypto & Fiat assets, as well as efficiently provide an interoperable trading environment – saving on time and compounding fees from multi-step trades. Zuflo is offering a unique platform to many active cryptocurrency trading communities, where they can exchange between fiat currencies and top-ranking cryptocurrencies with a P2P system. This will allow secure and safe transactions among several Fiat & Cryptocurrencies with low trading rates.

Features of Zuflo Coin: The Platform’s Utility Token

  • Zuflo Coin is a membership key to Zuflo Exchange and Financing Platform.
  • Users can use Zuflocoin to participate in the Zuflo shared liquidity pool to receive weekly or monthly profits.
  • Zuflo Coin will be exchangeable at different crypto exchanges including Zuflo Exchange in the future.
  • Zuflo Coin will be a mode of financing tool, to the SME / Corporate Sector.
  • Proof of Business Identity on Sidechain, Zuflocoin will be the financing tool to many businesses, required interest free financing, with profit sharing facility.
  • One of the project’s aspect of an ICO launch tool, Zuflocoin will be a liquidity tool for various ICO investment pools.
  • Zuflo Coin will be a store of value and will use Zuflocoin wallets for multi-currencies with FX integration.

Project Technologies being employed or Beta-Tested include: Ethereum Smart Contracts, Raiden Network, & LISK Sidechain. Zuflo.io may use Plasma protocol as a technology, if, it will be tested by the time, Zuflo.io ICO ends.

The Team at Zuflo are trading & FinTech professionals with years of experience in developing sophisticated trading and FinTech algorithms for trading and financial institutions. They have a profound understanding of all the needs of professional traders, financers and borrowers, and they are not satisfied by what they can get out of the current market state of cryptocurrency exchanges, trading and financing.

The ICO Pre-Sale is an excellent opportunity to acquire Zuflo Coins at a great discount and own a token with an excellent ROI potential. Early adopters will most benefit by the bonuses. A detailed discussion about the Zuflo Platform can be viewed in their paper here.

For complete information please visit: www.zuflo.io

Media Contact:

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411-1, Harju Maakond,
Tallinn 10151, Estonia
+372 6346489

Join their Telegram Group: t.me/zuflo