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ITOB features all of the best qualities of eBay and PayPal and incorporates the brilliance of blockchain technology. It offers a universal platform for the crypto industry, which has search capabilities along with selling and buying goods and services from all around the planet. 

Tallinn, Estonia, February, 17, 2018, With the Internet came the possibility of global eCommerce. As merchant payment gateways became numerous, eCommerce also grew to be worth Billions per year. As Bitcoin led the way for digital currencies to flourish, it also opened up a new frontier for eCommerce to expand even further and utilize this new digital financial system. ITOB has created a global payment platform that solves all of the problems that global consumers have suffered while trying to carry out transactions.

Gone are the days when high fees had to be paid for transactions, when private information was accessible to third parties. The use of smart contracts on the Blockchain means that this financial platform is decentralized. Owned by nobody and owned by everybody. Records cannot be changed on the Blockchain, this eliminates the possibility of fraud. The ITOB platform offers a new level of convenience in everyday purchases for the crypto community, which allows users to sell, search and buy goods and services from around the world and pay in any preferred crypto currency.

Sellers will enjoy safe and convenient receipt of funds in various currencies (cryptocurrency, fiat currency) and a new clientele in the rapidly developing crypto industry. The ITOB platform will create benefits for: Buyers, Sellers and the first supporters who have invested in ITOB Tokens.

  • For Buyers: ITOB by providing full protection of payment for purchases and acting as an intermediary for all transactions will enable users to search for products and services among trusted trading platforms and their subsequent payment in cryptocurrency. The goal is to become one of the best choices for buyers through zero commissions for using this payment system and a minimum commission for currency conversion. Additionally, users will have many functions within the ITOB platform: Exchange, International Transfers, and exchange of cryptocurrency between participants, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) credit system.
  • For Sellers: ITOB will provide sellers the opportunity to accept both Cryptocurrency and Fiat Funds, which will easily expand their client base and increase sales revenue. ITOB eliminates the usual risks associated with traditional methods of payment by eliminating the possibility of making return payments and fraud with the theft of credit cards.
  • For Investors: ITOB strives to create a real value platform that brings real benefits to an investor with an operating business model that stands above ordinary tokens speculation. On ITOB’s platform, the ITEX token will be used and accepted on par with other cryptocurrencies, while enjoying advantages in the form of a zero commission for payment. Additionally, the ITEX token will work by giving rights to profits for all investors from the activities of the ITOB platform.

ITOB has features and benefits never seen before on an eCommerce Platform, such as:

* Payment-Search API
* Multi-Currency Wallet ITOB
* Payment for online purchases in cryptocurrency
* Guarantee of online payments
* Possibility of placing goods on the ITOB platform for private sellers
* Virtual terminals for payment acceptance

The ITOB ICO presents an unparalleled opportunity to be part of the new generation of global eCommerce in the cryptocurrency arena. The key difference of the ITEX token is that for the holder it will provide not only advantages on the platform, but will also be an asset offering a monthly reward. ITOB will distribute 20% of its profits from the ITOB platform to all holders of ITEX tokens. The allocated revenue will be distributed through a smart contract to the holders of ITEX tokens.

The ITOB ICO Private Sale will go live on February 19, 2018. Early adopters will be able to take advantage of a deep discount on the platform’s token. The ITOB Ecosystem is designed so that their tokens will appreciate in value simply by the operation of the ITOB platform. A detailed discussion about ITOB can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information about the ITOB ICO, please visit: https://www.itob.io/

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