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GIG9 – A Decentralized Self-Regulated Freelance Ecosystem, Directly Connecting Local Service Providers and Consumers, Powered by Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts. GIG9’s revolutionary platform will be the first of its kind to promote a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace, controlled independently by the market participants. 

London, United Kingdom, March 22, 2018, There is a tremendous amount of buzz going around the crypto community about the upcoming GIG9 ICO Pre-Sale. It is reported that this new platform will establish a new paradigm in the freelance services industry worldwide. GIG9 is a platform that connects people who need service (users) to local providers of services (providers) simply by a single tap of their smartphone while empowering them with honest reviews, flexible payments, and the ability to watch their provider heading towards their door on the map using GPS mapping technology. Additionally, GIG9 will provide an escrow service powered by smart contracts to ensure that all parties are protected in a transaction.

The use of smart contracts on the blockchain eliminates the possibility of any party making changes. The platform is not controlled by any one party or group so that undue influence or fraud cannot occur. It is governed by consensus. Owned by nobody but owned by everybody. GIG9 is an end-to-end solution providing discovery, engagement, job tracking, payment, receipt issuance and review capture. Users can also avail themselves of features such as chatbot messaging, free voice calling, free invoicing and free quotation service.

The GIG9 platform provides an ecosystem that both Men and Women can use to propel their entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level. Consumers can get the job done locally with over 150 different types of service providers within their vicinity, be it plumbers, electricians, handymen, photographers, nannies, lawyers and so much more.

Similar to Uber, GIG9 operates on a “Provider Navigation System” where users have the ability to actively track the location of their service provider on a map due to enhanced GPS-mapping technology. This eliminates problems of unwanted delays and irritable time schedules allowing both users and providers to track and plan their schedules accordingly.

Additionally, users can enjoy the benefits of not having to pay any advertising costs, sign up costs or membership fees. They can simply download the easy-to-use app and sign-up to an advantageous experience of real reviews, secure transactions and fair pricing being that GIG9 is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace built on blockchain technology.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a revolution in the way service providers interact with consumers. The GIG9 ICO Pre-Sale goes live on April 5, 2018. Early adopters will enjoy great bonuses. A detailed discussion on the GIG9 Platform can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information on the GIG9 ICO, please visit:   https://www.gig9.io/

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