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As if the new EterBank Token Pre-Sale didn’t already have enough juice to it, the announcement of a new Tesla Model S has definitely put this launch into a league of their own. EterBank aims to be the first real-world payment solution – allowing shops, bars and businesses to settle payments made in cryptocurrency automatically in fiat through a simple POS app.

Zagreb, Croatia – April 25, 2018, EterBank shook up the Cryptocurrency and Banking community with the announcement of a new ICO backed by a very promising cryptocurrency processing platform. Eterbank aims to make accepting cryptocurrencies for bars, restaurants and all shops as easy as charging a credit card. Through their innovative point-of-sale (POS) mobile application, retailers can now accept crypto & settling however they choose, all payments automatically to Dollars, Euros or any other currency.

Eterbank enables crypto payments in the real world and allows users to pay for goods and services directly with their bitcoins or alt coins with virtually zero fees. This new platform completely removes the adoption entry barrier for businesses by processing settlements in local FIAT currency just as with a regular Point-of-Sale. This is made possible through Eterbank’s business Point-of-Sale app “EterPOS” and Eterbank’s user wallet app “EterWallet”. Eterbank’s system is powered by the NEM blockchain for scalability, speed, security and transparency purposes. Leveraging NEM, Eterbank’s system design allows for crypto and Fiat to transact seamlessly between customer and businesses. Achieving this milestone cannot be understated as it is a crucial milestone for crypto and cryptocurrency adoption to consumers worldwide.

The Eterbank platform is comprised of 2 systems that allow it to transact from crypto to fiat, something that hasn’t been done yet. The EterPOS and the EterWallet work seamlessly to create a smooth transaction from retail to the consumers ewallet. The EterPOS and EterWallet work as follows:

EterPOS: A simple Point-of-sale smartphone / tablet app allowing business users once registered to create charges in their home currency while allowing customers to pay in crypto by simply scanning the QR code created by the cashier. Once the payment by the customer is completed it is immediately confirmed to both user and business which will receive his payment in FIAT currency directly to his bank account with a transaction fee of only 1% and with no monthly, on-boarding or maintenance fees for the basic Point-of-Sale app.

EterWallet: A multi-currency crypto wallet smartphone app allowing its users to purchase goods and services from EterPOS participating shops and retailers with instant transaction confirmation regardless of currency.

During a recent press event, the company spokesperson for Eterbank was quoted as saying, “The goal is to secure funding in order to allow development and successful market placement of Eterbank’s system and mobile applications, making it possible to fulfil Eterbank’s vision for its users to pay for coffee, pizza or clothes with crypto.”

For buyers to be entered into the Tesla Model S giveaway, the only requirement is to purchase at least $100 USD worth of EterPay tokens. Only 1,000 entries are available so potential investors must act quickly to qualify. Eterbank is currently offering a 50% bonus which will also expire shortly.

To learn more about the EterBank ICO, or to secure your entry to win a free Tesla Model S, visit their official website at https://eterbank.com/presale or download their Whitepaper directly by .

To enter the Tesla Model S giveaway, visit www.Eterbank.com/tesla

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