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The need for a verification and trust engine to authenticate and validate content has never been greater as content and data continue to accumulate and circulate over the Internet. OVCODE is launching a blockchain based platform that will become the largest platform to store and verify assets to be sure each user is dealing with the real thing, no copies, no frauds and no more fakes.

Zurich, Switzerland – May 26th 2018, OVCODE has formally announced that they will be launching the Private Sale as early as this week. OVCODE is set to shake-up a wide range of sectors—from the entertainment industry & business, all the way to government institutions—with their release of a decentralized global asset verification engine. Built using blockchain technology, OVCODE makes it possible to protect and verify the existence, ownership, validity, and history of global assets or items you own that are of value. The implications of such a system are far reaching with the technology already being implemented across the world.

The international team at OVCODE have a combined experience of more than 30 years in everything from blockchain development to asset management and marketing. OVCODE makes it easy for individual users, institutions, corporations and governments to publish their assets on the Blockchain. OVCODE assigns a unique digital identity to assure the highest levels of integrity that’s virtually incorruptible. OVCODE’s foundation consists of verification of assets or items that the user owns that are of value. With OVCODE, they will have the ultimate formidable proof of authenticity for all assets they own and receive over the Internet. From digital assets like documents, photos, videos to intangible assets like patents, copyrights, insurance policies or even representation of their physical assets like land titles, car registration, gold certificate, will all be protected by OVCODE.

During a recent seminar the company spokesperson for OVCODE was quoted as saying, “OVCODE is built to become the digital seal of trust for your protection in the digital world.” He went on to say, “Digital transformation brings huge, problematic gaps especially in authenticity of assets. The gap happens after creation of the database entry, through to printing until storage. We use a combination of Cryptography, Digital Signature technology and a zero cycle latency to provide the most secure solutions possible to protect clients’ data and assets.”
The Pre-Sale has already been completed and it is currently in Private Sale.

To learn more about OVCODE visit their official website at http://www.ovcode.com

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