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The Tropitoken Project will use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for building up its own digital and real-life ecosystem for managing assets, resources and information more efficiently. 

Germany, July 2, 2018, Tropitoken is set to disrupt the global real estate market by introducing the World’s First Urban Blockchain Society. Their ICO will fund the acquisition of land and modular housing concepts for the purpose of building residences and other structures in a blockchain based crypto community. The TPN Token will be the cryptocurrency used to pay for dwellings, services, rent, food, energy, transport and everything else in this community.

Buildings will get digital tags instead of street addresses or the usage of landmarks. This address will be the Wallet Address of every building. Utility bills will be automatically deducted, mail will find its way to residents through these tags and all data could be anonymously collected and analyzed.

Tropitoken will use their TPN token for financing the project through an ICO. A Pre-ICO is set to launch to secure initial funding and enough capital to build a foundation in a location, chosen by the community. After the ICO, all token-holders will gain voting rights on community related topics (e.g. Location of communities or the concepts installed), also like any other currency, users will be able to trade on exchanges, furthermore, Tokens will represent shares in the full project.

At this time, one very important community vote will appear to lock the prices of TPN against the available goods and services. For example, the community will decide that one month’s rent in a community will be 1000 TPN. Then these prices will be locked long-term. Through this they hope to build a stable cryptocurrency that could survive any bubble and will still exist in several years from today. Also, this should decrease the market movements of TPN more in the direction of a conventional stock share or physical asset and will be more stable than crypto’s usually are.

According to the Head of the Tropitoken Project, “Our blockchain-community project is collectively owned by the token-holders and secured through the Ethereum network. Join us to discover the opportunities in a new era of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralized communities. Together, we will create the urban blockchain society of the future.”

The Tropitoken ICO Pre-Sale is set to launch on June 30, 2018. Early adopters will be able to take advantage of great discounts. This is a great opportunity to be part of the next generation of urban living on the Blockchain with like minded individuals. A decentralized community where all token holders make the policy decisions collectively through smart contracts. A detailed discussion about this ICO can be viewed in their Onepager here.

For complete information, please visit: https://tropitoken.org


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