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As Crypto exchanges fold left and right and get scammed into oblivion, many Crypto investors are yearning for a safe USA based alternative where they can securely hold their Cryptocurrencies. BuyBitcoinACH has answered these calls with their new Discount Cryptocurrency trading portal.

Miami, FL – July 25th2018, BuyBitcoinACH has caught the attention of the Cryptocommunity today with the launch of a USA based Crypto trading exchange that is set to give Coinbase a run for their money. In an industry that is dominated by few, BuyBitcoinACH has decided to take on the competitors in their own backyard by launching a superior platform. Amazing customer support and secure transactions with reduced trading fees are their calling card and many are taking notice.

BuyBitcoinACH was founded over 2 years ago before the general public even knew what an ICO or Bitcoin was, let alone owning it. During the last two years the team at BuyBitcoinACH have developed a Cryptocurrency trading platform that is purposely easy to use with a simple look and feel. The simplicity of the platform is what attracted the mainstream to it and has been the catalyst to many “non-believers” throwing their hat in the ring and investing in some ICO’s. The team at BuyBitcoinACH are experts in Blockchain development and design as well as Marketing and Retail relations. It was this expertise that allowed them to identify the need for a simple yet robust, easy to use platform that would appeal to the masses, providing a nice alternative to Coinbase. Most people have more than one bank account, now they have another way to transfer coin to fiat using BuyBitcoinACH.

Most digital currency platforms charge their fees on a percentage basis for transactions and this can add up to a great deal of exorbitant unnecessary charges. BuyBitcoinACH.com offers better services than the other platforms and only charge a set fee of just $9.99 for all transactions. No matter how much you buy or sell you are always only charged one low price, $9.99. Interestingly they do not charge any percentage-based commissions or add on any hidden charges for the superior services and the added protection you get with buying and selling with BuyBitcoinACH.com.

There are a few features that distinguish this Cryptocurrency trading exchange from the others, the first and most important being that it is a USA based exchange. Most of the trading exchanges are located in smaller and sometimes unknown countries all for one reason, to duck the longarm of the law and that never benefits their users. Lack of security and knowing the company behind the exchange has created an “unnecessary fear” in the minds of many Crypto traders. Just the fact that BuyBitcoinACH is subject to USA oversight is a major advantage and safeguard.

The platform itself also has major benefits to using it, which includes no trading commissions, safe and secure transactions and the ability to transfer money into a Fiat currency using the world industry standard ACH method. This is the same apparatus that all major banks use.

BuyBitcoinACH uses this advanced method to quickly convert the users Cryptocurrency into local Fiat which can then be deposited directly into the user’s bank account.

Unlike Coinbase who often puts restrictions on the users account, BuyBitcoinACH allows all of their users to transfer the money out of the exchange and into a private bank account. The ACH/SEPA system is secure, quick and dependable. These attributes have made ACH/SEPA transactions one of the most widely used ways to transfer money.

To learn more about BuyBitcoinACH or to open a free Crypto wallet and begin buying coins, visit their official website at http://www.buybitcoinach.com or click here.


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