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“In an age where kids are exposed to all sorts of negative news and programming, it is a delight to actually find literary materials that will help create positive imagery and enforce positive values in our youth”
Steven Stanley, PR Advisor.

Palm Springs, California, December 12, 2018, L’Tanya Leone’s long-awaited children’s book, “CIRCUS” has finally been re-released and hit the shelves of Amazon. Its acceptance has been phenomenal. “CIRCUS” is described as a great children’s book because it not only provides excitement and suspense, but it ensures that young audiences understand the importance of self- worth, perseverance and many other obstacles they will encounter as an individual in today’s society. The author makes it clear that children’s books can be more than glorified comic books.

Readers of “CIRCUS” have consistently commented that as they read the book, they felt connected to the author as if the she was in the room reading it to them. Circus is a science-fiction chapter book that young ones are sure to get hooked on to. The perfect gift. Great for Children ages 8-12.

The story opens with the main characters, Asa and Tana, who loved living in their small town called Seward and most of all they enjoyed going to their favorite park. Only there was one teeny weeny problem in the park, and it was at the edge of the woods watching and waiting for them to come closer. As the story develops, more characters are introduced, such as the“Bully”, but the excitement really builds as the “Stranger” is introduced to the reader.

There is an excellent review by noted Child Well-Being Expert and Author, Dr. Sheryll Kraizer Ph.D., who made these comments during a recent interview, “This is a thoroughly delightful book, suitable for the upper elementary to adolescent reader. It is science fiction, adventure and imagination gone a little wild. The writing is authentic and riveting. The author uses a narrator who pops in from time to time as a powerful device that creates tension and keeps the reader moving along. It is not obviously about bullies but develops a consistent theme about how young people treat each other.” Dr.Kraizer has placed “CIRCUS” on her website as a resource for her readers. She has an extensive background with children, her website is www.safechild.org

The most important reader testimonials are from the kids themselves. Here are some comments from young readers of “CIRCUS”:

“I really like this book. It was scary, and funny.”

“The scary Stranger was really spooky, now I keep my light on when I go to bed.”

“CIRCUS” was funny, and scary. I thought the bully was a chicken. I was bullied at school, and Scooter reminds me of the bully at myschool.”

“This story reminds me of when my brother and I always got in trouble. It was really funny.”

“My favorite part was when they spent the night at Pumpkin’s house, and the Stranger showed up.”

“We have a bully like Scooter at my school. I wish he would run into the Stranger.”

From a parent: “I like the many messages in this book. Reading this to my daughter was fun, and enjoyable. We are waiting for the next book to come out!”

L’Tanya Leone is a former educator who received her B.S.Degree in Education from Concordia Teacher’s University. She currently resides in Southern California.

For more information on “CIRCUS”, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005M54OZU/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

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