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Creating true inner peace and finding ones’ inner goddess is something that many people wish to achieve. Miss Pravala comes from a long line of healers and gurus. An expert in channeling energy into positive outcomes, Miss Pravala has helped women all around the world in finding their inner Goddess and living a truly luxurious and blissful life.

Paris, France – Dec 15th 2018, Miss Pravala, a world renown “healer” of sorts has made headlines with the launch of her new website and collection of products and services aimed at helping women change their lives for the better. Through her new website, special potions, necklaces, bracelets and goddess courses can be purchased to align ones’ soul with peace and positivity. Miss Pravala has worked with many big names and in some circles is said to be the reason that some have achieved fame and fortune.

Miss Pravala, raised in Africa, is an energy healer trained in Shamballa energy healing and magnetism. She has dedicated her life to helping women discover their nature as spiritual beings. Her credentials are unlike any other healers, having a certification in Ayurveda and Bach Flowers remedies. Also, being a Crowned Oshun in Santeria, she holds a prestige that not many others can live up to. Miss Pravala is also a social media influencer and can be found on most social channels. Her YouTube channel alone has over 23,000 followers and can be seen by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/misspravala

During a recent phone interview, Miss Pravala was quoted as saying, “I allow women to understand that they have the power to change their circumstances by transforming into the best self-loving version of themselves without having to make excuses and without having to emasculate the men in their lives.” She went on to say, “All of my potions and spells are enhanced and empowered by gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones and oudh. I decided to develop an online practice to help women incorporate spiritual rituals and even spells into their daily routine so they too can experience the bliss of manifesting excess cash flow, bliss in their relationships like a true modern-day human goddess without the shame and poverty vows that most spirituals exhibit.”

Miss Pravala now offers an online course for only $250 that will help women create a luxurious and spiritual lifestyle by retraining the mind. By aligning every facet of ones’ life, it is possible to manifest positivity in the form of wealth and a higher spiritual wellbeing. To learn more about Miss Pravala and her goddess lifestyle products and training course, visit her official website at https://www.theluxuryspiritual.com/miss-pravala/

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