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Dr. Patel is currently triple board-certified in Neurology, Pain Medicine & Brain Injury medicine. Through the latest and tested breakthroughs in medical technology, Dr. Patel has the extraordinary ability to manage symptoms while healing the underlying cause.

Farmington, Connecticut, December 19, 2018, In a time when the Opioid Crisis in ravaging Americans all over the Nation, it is refreshing to see a physician such as Dr. Roshini N. Patel establish state-of-the-art Integrative Pain Management & Regenerative Medicine Practices in both Farmington and West Hartford, Connecticut. Throughout the years, patients from far and wide came to avail themselves of Dr. Patel’s medical prowess.

Many physicians are reluctant to change their thinking as new modalities and therapies are developed. Not so with Dr. Patel, as early on she embraced Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections. Dr. Patel was the founder of the interventional spine and pain management of Grove Hill Medical Center (now Starling Physician) and worked for ten years serving patients at her Newington office performing Interventional pain management procedures, migraine & headache management. She has reinvented a new way of treating pain with procedures that are designed to provide long term benefits and prevent surgery or help recover faster from surgery.

After an intense period of studying and researching the latest and greatest techniques to present themselves in this exciting field of medicine, she is launching her new integrative pain and regenerative medicine practice which will also include Patient Certification for Medical Marijuana. The efficacy of Medical Marijuana is well established and documented by many well-known sources. The question becomes: “Why prescribe dangerous drugs like Opioids which only treat symptoms while creating new symptoms at the same time, when both symptom management and healing can be accomplished without the use of such drugs?”

The new practice will open on Jan 1, 2019 and start seeing patients at two locations:

399 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT 06032
1001 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107

Regenerative therapies are a spectrum of cutting-edge therapeutic techniques used to naturally treat and heal the cause of a painful condition rather than masking the symptom. Regenerative therapies stimulate and accelerate one’s own body’s natural ability to heal itself. Two of the most effective Regenerative therapies include stem cell and platelet rich plasma injections.

Injuries and conditions commonly treated by regenerative therapy procedures include:

• Back & Neck Pain
• Golfer’s Elbow
• Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Hip & Shoulder
• Tennis Elbow
• Joint Injuries
• Ligament, Cartilage, & Tendon Injuries

Starting Jan 2019, Dr. Patel will also be qualifying patients for medical marijuana certification if they meet the qualifying conditions as approved by the state of Connecticut. More information, can be found on our website https://ctmedicalmarijuanamd.com

About Roshni N. Patel, MD:

Dr. Roshni N. Patel completed her neurology training at University of Connecticut and was awarded a Fellowship in Pain Medicine at the prestigious New York University Anesthesia Department with extensive training in interventional procedures. She has also completed extensive training in management of headaches and migraines from Columbia University Medical School. Dr. Patel is triple Board Certified in Neurology, Brain Injury Medicine and Pain Medicine and board eligible in Headache Medicine. There are currently only nine physicians nationwide that have this combination of Neurology, Pain Medicine & Brain Injury Medicine board certification.

For complete information, please visit: https://roshninpatelmd.com/

Media Contact:

Roshni N. Patel, MD
Attn: Media Relations
1001 Farmington Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06107