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As the new year rings in, bestselling author Brainard Carey releases a highly anticipated book that entrepreneurs and artists alike have been waiting for. His new book reveals the secrets he used that helped propel his books to the bestsellers list & allowed him to stake his claim in the world of online selling.

New York City, New York – Jan 15th 2019, Bestselling book author Brainard Carey has made news once again as he announces the release of his latest book to hit the shelves, “Sell Online Like a Creative Genius: A Guide for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Kindred Spirits.” Brainard Carey is well known for writing inspiring books that many of today’s most successful people have read at one point, having written more than 5 best sellers, all published by Allworth Press, an Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. His most famous books include: Making it in the Art World, New Markets for Artists, and The Art World Demystified. Carey also hosts a popular radio program at Yale University.

Brainard Carey grew up in New York City and graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase. Shortly after college, he opened up a gallery and began publishing a print magazine. The business became quite a success and this is where Brainard learned the ins-and-outs of the art world. He started meeting many people in the industry which encouraged him to focus on his art full time. After running the gallery and magazine for over 10 years, he decided it was time to head to Manhattan where he would open up a Storefront Studio. When he got into his first major shows, The Whitney Biennial and The Greater New York show at PS1, he began to consult and help artists as well as entrepreneurs.

Brainard Carey’s new book offers advice with solid examples of how building an online business is something every creative person can pursue. Carey draws from his extensive experience and interviews with others to show artists and creative people how to sell their work independently and efficiently. Readers will learn how to establish an online store, develop a presence, promote their goods, and reach customers. With chapters divided between practical how-tos and case studies, Sell Online Like a Creative Genius™, offers readers both instructive and demonstrative lessons in making their small online business a reality. Everyone can do it with the right tools, and Carey offers an insider’s guide to an otherwise daunting process.

During a recent press event, Brainard Carey was quoted as saying, “I have always felt that it is important to help other artists and creative entrepreneurs and the best way to do so is to reveal our knowledge to fellow creatives. I believe the more exhibiting artists and inventors there are in the world, the better the place we will all live in will be.” He went on to say, “Without successful artists and entrepreneurs on the planet we will all be missing so much beauty in so many different forms.”

Carey also interviews major and minor figures from all over the art world for his Yale University radio program, The Lives of the Artists. To date he has interviewed over 1000 artists, writers and curators and draws on those interviews for his courses designed to benefit artists careers.

To learn more about Brainard Carey or his highly anticipated new book release, “Sell Online Like a Creative Genius: A Guide for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Kindred Spirits”, click here or head to Amazon.com where it can be purchased for $9.20.


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