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A natural plant-based blend that’s being talked about all over the media and by top doctors and celebrities and endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Enables website owners to create a new income stream.

La Jolla, California, May 13, 2019, Amongst the vast amount of weight loss supplements, there is one that stands out because of its thoroughly tested ingredients and its endorsements by the medical community and celebrities alike. HealthyGen recently announced the launch of its ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Program for TurmaSlim. This is great news for website owners in all niches. It is now possible to become part of the nationwide weight loss movement.

During a recent interview, Dr. Oz made these comments, “Forskolin is responsible for creating a furnace in your cells, and by heating up that area in the cells you are literally burning more fat from the inside out.”

A look at this second-generation formula:

  • TurmaSlim’s main ingredient is 500mg of the ground-breaking Forskolin – Activates the body’s fat burning messenger. Forskolin releases fatty acids from adipose tissue, resulting in the break down and ultimately the loss of stored body fat.
  • Turmeric (Curcumin Extract): 500 mg, Curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, decreases the inflammation content in fat cells so they don’t block nutrients like Forskolin from getting in and doing its job.
  • Bioperine® (Black Pepper Extract): 5 mg, Adding black pepper enhances the absorption of Turmeric into the body and significantly improves its effectiveness.

A company spokesperson explains, “We’re hoping to help more than 1 million folks get in shape before 2020 with TurmaSlim. Our goal is to support healthy, consistent weight loss and other markers of health in your body.”

ClickBank is the premier trusted platform for Affiliate Marketing. Some features and benefits of the TurmaSlim Affiliate Program:

  • 75% commission payout per sale.
  • Click to sales of 1.90-2.25% Conversions ensures that the traffic sent, converts.
  • $2.25-3.97 Earnings Per Click.
  • $180 Average Order Value.
  • Free to join. Simply sign up for an account with ClickBank and start sending visitors to the website through your unique referral tracking link.
  • Get paid by bank wire or check for commission earnings every two-weeks.
  • Free marketing materials and tools to help get started with your affiliate marketing efforts. Banners and text link ads are provided along with email creatives to help get started.
  • ClickBank provides real-time accurate affiliate tracking to give insight into your marketing results and earnings.
  • 60-day cookie tracking duration gives you the opportunity to still make a sale from your referral within 60-days of their first visit.
  • Dedicated affiliate management team to provide you marketing materials, support and strategies of ways to improve your results with our products.
  • Unique affiliate links associated to your account specifically ensures your referrals are properly tracked to you.
  • Ongoing product optimization. We are continually looking at ways to increase conversions and customer retention for our products, which help improve sales, meaning better earning results from the visitors you refer.

This is a great opportunity to not only create an additional income stream, but to become part of the weight loss movement.

For complete information, visit: https://turmaslim.com/affiliate-sign-up-page-clickbank

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