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As the opiate & drug epidemic reaches crisis levels, Navigating Addiction is doing their part by launching the first-ever Mobile App to give much needed support to the loved ones of addicts. The web and mobile App will provide a plethora of resources including a 24-hour text crisis line and life coach.

Pine Hill, NJ – Aug 22nd 2019, Navigating Addiction has made international headlines this week as they announce the launch of the first ever web & mobile App geared towards helping the caregivers and loved ones of addicts.  Not just an “App”, Navigating Addiction is a complete and comprehensive resource that includes nearly every aspect of navigating a loved one’s addiction from the beginning to end, including a 24/7 text crisis line, life coach, financial counselor, nutritionist, educational resources and support for the loved ones of addicts. Access to online and in-person meetings is also a part of the Navigating Addiction resource center.

The launch of their mobile App is in-line with Navigating Addictions philosophy which is to “Provide web-based education, support and resources to caregivers, family members and loved ones impacted by substance abuse.” In 2017 there were more than 22 million addicts in the U.S. and more than 77,000 addiction related deaths. This is a staggering number as it is more than the population of many small towns. In many cases, caregivers simply have no-where to turn in a crisis situation or to learn how to manage their own lives during this time. An online App can go a long way in providing this well-needed support structure for those caregivers and loved ones of addicts that need accurate and easily accessible resources.

During a recent press conference, Dr. Stacy Elles (DNP, RN), the founder of Navigating Addiction was quoted as saying, “We are the first and only web & mobile App for caregivers and loved ones of addicts. We are not affiliated with a 12-step program and offer a 24-hour text crisis line, a book shelf, financial counselor, life coach, resources and education to support loved ones of addicts. We also offer weekly online meetings every Monday night on the InTheRooms.com platform.” She went on to say, “Our vision is to ensure that anyone affected by drug or alcohol addiction has a trustworthy, easily-accessible resource for assistance, advice and a feeling of community.”

The first-ever Navigating Addiction web & mobile App is available for download via the Google Play Store, Apple Store and their official website.

To learn more about Navigating Addiction, visit their official website by clicking here or following this link: https://www.navigatingaddiction.org


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