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This tool was created to increase customer retention and the average receipt in brick and mortar stores through the analysis of a shoppers’ purchase history and creating highly targeted marketing communications. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 24, 2019, Pulsior is transitioning retailers to the next generation of how their customer receipts are created, stored and analyzed. Their team has used Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to create a brilliant Green Digital Receipt tool that has advantages for both customers and retailers.

Firstly, it helps to “Save The Planet” in that is helps cut down on the use of paper and killing trees. If businesses around the planet stopped using paper receipts today, 12 billion lbs. of carbon dioxide would not be created – the equivalent of one million cars on the road. Every year in the United States, up to 10 million trees are cut down for paper. The Ecology Center estimates that 93% of paper receipts are coated with BPA or BPS, which can be absorbed into the skin and cause health issues.

On the Customer’s side, it prevents losing receipts, helps take full control over spending. Customers enjoy the benefits of having personalized offers sent directly to then. They can relax, knowing that their Warranty Returns will be smooth, simple and stress-free. This tool makes customers feel better knowing they are helping the environment by cutting down on paper and waste. It is a simple process: The cashier sends a link to a digital receipt to the customer via a short message, a messaging app or email. Customers click on the link and open the digital receipt. They can check all their digital receipts in their Pulsior account.

There are many Features & Benefits for Retailers: 

  • Reduce The Usage of Paper
  • Eco-Friendly Alternative To Paper Receipts
  • Get Insights on Returning Customers
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Start or Grow Email Communications
  • Gather Accurate Customer Information Organically After Each Transaction
  • Create Highly Targeted Marketing Campaigns Through Retargeting
  • Provide Personalized Content For Each Transaction
  • Give Personalized Coupons: Put a coupon or QR code right on the receipt and have them present it the next time the customer shows up. It’s a digital receipt, customers can’t lose it.
  • Promote Social Media Channels To Gain Followers: Use the white space on the digital receipts to let people know how to find you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Ask Customers For Feedback: Use the NPS feature or include a link to a service like SurveyMonkey or to Yelp or TripAdvisor.

During a recent interview, a Pulsior spokesperson made these comments, “Based on the previous purchase history the retailer is able to create more personalized and targeted in-store campaigns for its shoppers. You can provide personalized content for each transaction, content that is relevant to that specific customer. Imagine, for example, being able to remind customers to reorder when their supply of a favorite product might be running low. The possibilities are endless. We observe that personalized ads have a positive impact on customers` loyalty.”

Digital receipts are easily customizable to contain any additional information, e.g., on discounts, loyalty programs, satisfaction surveys, social media links, etc. displayed in the form of banner or video ads. Dynamic digital receipts give business owners personalized content regarding their customers’ contact information and preferences.

For complete information, visit: https://pulsior.io/

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