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Start-ups come and go, but many new companies that have the foresight to align themselves with successful strategists tend to stay around for the long-haul. Most highly successful companies didn’t do it alone.

Santa Monica, CANovember 1, 2019  – Athan Slotkin may not be a household name, but in many ways, that’s by design. A skilled entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in business strategy, Slotkin is viewed as more than just a consultant by his clients — he’s affectionately called “The Shadow CEO.”

Slotkin has worked behind the scenes to lend his entrepreneurial expertise to more than 130 companies this year alone, helping many start-ups find their footing as they grow from pre-seed to Series D.

“Getting a business off the ground is hard, grueling work. You can’t be expected to do everything. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for a little short-term help,” Slotkin said. “I’ve been in my clients’ shoes plenty of times…it’s hard being the only one with your vision.”

That collaborative approach has guided Slotkin’s work across an exciting breadth of industries, from traditional standbys like financial services and real estate to the more eclectic.

“Organic tampons, post-surgical care, meshed ethernet, legal tech, rugby, elevators, private jet,” Slotkin recalled. “I’ve helped out pretty much every kind of company imaginable.”

As a Cornell graduate with an MBA from Yale, Slotkin has earned the reputation as a turnaround artist who completes projects fast and with surgical precision.

Generally, Slotkin will sign onto a project, identify his clients’ weaknesses and develop a roadmap that puts them on the right path — all within two weeks.

While he specializes in business plan strategy, financial modeling and analysis, presentation/deck creation, and go-to-market strategy, his work often tends to run much deeper.

Instead of relying on the old, rigid staffing models that have held back generations of consultancies, Slotkin has embraced the “gig economy.”

He has built a network of researchers, writers, product stylists and other creative professionals spread across 23 countries and five continents, a method that has given both him and his clients a distinctly modern edge.

Recognizing the tight budgets facing many start-ups, he utilizes their expertise at no additional cost to clients.

“If I think one of them can add to the product or accelerate things – I’ll bring them in,” Slotkin explained. “My clients’ companies are their babies. They want the best product possible, and so do I.”

While Slotkin prefers to be out of the spotlight, his commitment to achieving mutual success has not gone unnoticed.

“It has been an honor to work with someone of his caliber,” one client recently noted. “He’s deliberate with his marketing tactics and implements them with great attention to every detail. Athan puts his heart and soul into his work.”

To learn more about Athan Slotkin or to hire him to bring your project to the next level, visit his official website by clicking here. For Athan’s latest tips for entrepreneurs visit his Instagram: @athanslotkin

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