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Aquariums are not just for Goldfish anymore. Infinity Aquarium Design has added a new paradigm to the world of home Aquariums. 

Los Angeles, California, February 11, 2020, When Nic Tiemens was a young boy growing up in Chicago, his passion was for all things aquatic. He found himself mesmerized by what he could do with a simple aquarium, but never in his wildest dreams could he imagine what role Aquariums would mean to his future. All across the nation there are thousands of Aquarium shops, but a very select few ever rise to the level of Nic’s company – Infinity Aquarium Design.

From their humble beginnings, Nic has brought Infinity Aquarium Design to the apex of this industry. Being featured on “The Price Is Right” TV Show was only a tiny part of what was in store for Nic’s company. Infinity was by no means an overnight success, as there was much to learn and experience. Building an award-winning team took time but was well worth the effort.

During a recent interview, Nic made these comments, “Working as a professional in the aquarium trade has given me an outlet to be creative every day of my life. My profound respect for the ocean is at the forefront of the products and environments that we create and I enjoy sharing my expertise and educating newcomers to this rewarding hobby.”

Nic went on to say, “My love of business and desire to create these works of art compels me to build a trustworthy and reputable brand that has the credibility and respect needed to move our industry forward. I am proud to be a part of a company that holds true to its vision, culture, and values.”

Infinity Aquarium Design’s Mission Statement is perfectly clear: “Through the use of creativity and technology, our aquariums will transcend the limits of interior design. Through our efforts and dedication, we will inspire others to value and protect our planet.”

Whether the specifications call for a Freshwater or Saltwater Aquarium Design, Infinity has gained the reputation to ensure that clients will enjoy an award-winning project no matter what the challenge presents. The combination of Science, Technology and Artistic Design has produced some of the most breathtaking Aquarium Designs the world has ever seen.

Featured Project: Catalina Island Saltwater Aquarium

  • Custom Acrylic Rectangle – 15’L x 2.5’W x 4’H. Remote Filtration. LED lighting System. Faux Rock and Kelp Décor.
  • This 1,120-gallon aquarium was designed to resemble the coastline of Catalina Island off the shores of Los Angeles.

“Infinity Aquarium Design employs unbridled imagination and advanced technologies to create increasingly larger and more audacious aquariums. ~ Performances Magazine, 2019”

Nic Tiemens is not an ordinary CEO of a large company. He loves to get involved with every phase of a project and is always ready to roll-up his sleeves and jump right in, literally sometimes.

This in-depth dedication is what has enabled Infinity Aquarium Design to produce consistently award-winning Aquarium Designs that are guaranteed for a lifetime.

For complete information, visit: https://infinityaquariums.com/

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