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This is the only exam between a student and becoming a nurse. NTN Guarantees that students will pass the NCLEX Exam.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 14, 2020, After all the time and hard work it took to get through classes, it would be a real shame to see dreams shattered by not passing the one test that determines if a student can move up into a nursing career. Don’t let that happen. For nominal costs, students can take the NCLEX Review Program, which is also offered online, so that when they sit for the big exam they will be confident and will have an outstanding chance to pass it.

In this booming economy, there is a shortage of nurses in the USA. So  much so that nurses are being recruited from other countries to fill all of the open positions. However, every year students graduate from nursing schools throughout the country but cannot pass the Licensure Exam. This may be because of a lack of confidence or they simply need to brush up on the coursework. Imagine taking a seat at the big exam with full confidence that you will not be surprised by anything you see.

This is the goal of Nursing Tutor Network and they are highly successful at ushering students through the NCLEX Exam and on to their nursing careers. NTN is a South Florida based Nursing Tutoring Service that specializes in NCLEX Review for RN and PN students who are preparing to sit for the NCLEX exam to obtain their nursing license. If you are a RN or PN student and need to pass the NCLEX, they can help you.

NTN Feature Programs:

  • NCLEX Preparation Package: An assessment test to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Feedback from one of our dedicated nursing educators. A customized study plan made just for you.
  • NCLEX Review Classes Include:

– Assessment Test – As soon as you register, you will be given an assessment test that will help determine your knowledge base to better assist you during the review.

– Study Plan Creation – NTN will create and review your customized study plan with you, and work with you on NCLEX specific test taking strategies.

– Test Taking Strategies – NTN utilizes NCLEX-style questions that have a similar format with what you will encounter on the actual NCLEX exam including select all that apply questions and other alternate format questions.

– Methodology – NTN created a 12-week program.

– Policy – NTN guarantees you will pass NCLEX. In order to do that, students are required to attend all classes and complete every assignment.

  • Bootcamp: These sessions last 3 days and they will deepen your knowledge. 

Student Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Marie D, a Lic. Nurse has to say, “I highly recommend Renette Gabriel as an instructor and tutor. She was a kind, caring and supportive instructor to me when I was In nursing school. She helped me pass my NCLEX the first time and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

This is what Eridice E., a Lic. Nurse, had to say, “Professor Renette Gabriel is absolutely awesome. Her tutoring style is always catered to students and she makes sure above all that students leave the classes smarter than when they entered. Ms. G is always around to answer questions or just to chat. She is brilliant and humble.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.nursingtutornetwork.com/

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