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 With a small investment, business owners can help their employees, guests and customers to protect themselves by installing the Sanitation Station. A small investment now is better than considerable losses by having to close the business as a result of a virus outbreak. 

Santa Rosa, California, March 17, 2020, As the entire World finds itself in the midst of a global Coronavirus pandemic, it is a decided fact that it is better to be proactive than to see what happens. Note that the difference between this virus and other recent outbreaks is the ease of which it is spread. It is necessary to protect yourself, your family and your employees.

Everything that is recommended to stop the spread of this sometimes-deadly virus is contained in Digital Media Vending’s “Sanitation Station” vending machine. A brilliant idea to make items available that will kill the virus, protect from airborne contaminants and disinfect contaminated surfaces. Even if there was no viral pandemic, this is one custom vending machine with a good purpose.

Employers have been advised to prepare their workplace for COVID-19. Everybody is learning the importance of keeping ahead of the spread of bacterial and viral contaminants. This learned behavior will not be soon forgotten.

This Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine offers:

  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitation Gel to keep hands clean at all times.
  • Antibacterial Wipes to wipe off and disinfect surfaces/objects.
  • Protective Face Masks to protect people from inhaling air-borne diseases or from the air pollution outside.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “This vending machine is more convenient than having a bottle in your pocket or bag. Install it right at the entrance, and employees, customers, and guests will remember to take the right measures before entering. Offer your employees a way to keep clean and sanitize on the go. Sick leaves, paid or not, can have a major impact on the revenue and productivity of any company.”

The Sanitation Station can be set to dispense the items for free or at a minimal cost as set by the owner.

For complete information, visit: www.digitalmediavending.com/hand-sanitizer-vending-machine/

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