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Controlling stress during the Coronavirus Pandemic is critical for Health Care Professionals in order to function at optimal performance. 

Sacramento, California, March 25, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading like wildfire and along with it is the stress it is imposing on the nation’s health care professionals. These folks are working extended hours and trying to take care of increasing amounts of patients on a daily basis. Their stress levels are difficult to keep under control, but there is a possible solution.

Dr. Kenneth Grossman, PhD, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has produced a Stress Management Hypnotherapy Download and is offering it Free to Doctors, Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals. It is no secret that stress lowers the immune system. The antidote to stress is relaxation and a body that is relaxed will also sleep better, think better and make better decisions.

During a recent interview, Dr. Grossman made these comments, “Years of research show that the profound relaxation that occurs during self-hypnosis reduces stress and boosts the immune system. By taking a few minutes a day and listening to the download you’ll be more relaxed from the very first time you listen. The free audio program that you can download on this page will help you to reduce stress and sleep better. You can listen as you go to sleep or any other time during the day. A good practice is to listen to a session during the day and again as you drift off to sleep.”

After making the Free Download, Dr. Grossman suggests, “This hypnosis audio will guide you to a peaceful, meditative state. It’s feels similar to when you’re daydreaming and the world falls away. You’re somewhere between being awake and fast asleep. In this state, your brain is really receptive to new ideas. Once you are fully relaxed, you will hear suggestions that help you to deal with everyday issues better and with more relaxed focus.”

He goes on to say, “Neuroscientists believe that hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to make changes to your thought processes, because during hypnosis the mind is most adaptable to change. At the end of the session you will wake up feeling positive, calm and relaxed and much more able to cope.”

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