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Pro Se law provides a means for individuals to complete paperwork for divorce matters by providing a guided questionnaire to assist with completing basic forms. If the party wants to discuss the matter with an attorney prior to filing their Georgia Divorce, they can schedule a 30 or 60-minute consultation. 

Fayetteville, Georgia, April 3, 2020, When a married couple faces the prospect of Divorce, they see their world turning upside down. Add to that the stress of funding an impending legal battle and it becomes seemingly unsurmountable. Not anymore.

Kelli Byers Hooper, Esq., is a licensed attorney in the State of Georgia. She now offers unbundled legal services for family law clients via Pro Se Law. In this Digital Age, many people are proficient in using their computer and could indeed represent themselves with a little help from a legal platform such as ProSe.law.

They have come up with essential resources, tips, and a step-by-step process that allows you to choose legal documents or packages that suit your needs. You have questions, they have the answers.

With three different options, plus access to free resources, you are sure to find the help you need. They offer the opportunity to generate documents to start your family law related matter, including:

  • Basic Plan: Access to forms only, ala carte.
  • Plus Plan: Access to forms, plus 30-minute review by an attorney via telephone call or Skype.         
  • Premium Plan: Access to forms, plus a 60-minute review by an attorney via in-person meeting.
  • Resources: Informative articles relating to the State of Georgia.
    1) What Are Grounds For Divorce?
    2) Legal Separation Verses Final Divorce.
    3) How To File For Divorce.
    4) How Long Does Divorce Take To Finalize?
    5) Family Law Workshop.

ProSe.law also provides limited scope legal Child Support Services:

  • Child Support Checkup – Legal Document Review: Upload your existing child support order and an attorney will conduct a 30-minute consultation with you to review the form and assist you with preparing a new child support worksheet in preparation for a hearing or mediation.
  • Child Support Worksheet Preparation – Legal Document Review: Receive assistance from an attorney to prepare a proposed Child Support Worksheet for a hearing or mediation.

For complete information, visit: https://prose.law/

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