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Researchers from Keystone University, an ambitious new university based in Dublin, Ireland, have announced their arrival onto the world stage in spectacular  fashion by solving one of the biggest mysteries in human history –  the location of the legendary lost island of Atlantis. 

Dublin, Ireland, May 2, 2020, One of the most historically intriguing mysteries has been the Lost Civilization of Atlantis and where in the world is it. Keystone’s research team have undertaken the largest ever investigation into the legendary lost island & have compiled over 1,000 pieces of evidence to prove their claim that Stone Age Ireland is the legendary lost island of Atlantis. Let there be no doubts about this fascinating discovery, this is not a hoax, pseudoscience or a publicity stunt. The world is witnessing history in the making.

The groundbreaking ‘Atlantis Ireland’ theory has been put forward by Keystone University, a new and extremely ambitious organization based in Dublin. Keystone’s mission is to build the world’s best university, a center of excellence that pushes the human race forward. After all, a “keystone” is an ancient symbol for wisdom.

Some claim that Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the ocean, eliminating all evidence. However, geologists who have mapped the entire Atlantic seabed are adamant that there is simply no room for a lost sunken island. They insist that it is not scientifically possible and that any claims of a large, sunken island lack credibility.

In the largest investigation ever conducted into the legend of Atlantis, Keystone’s research team used cutting-edge techniques from multiple disciplines and reviewed thousands of ancient texts, including rare manuscripts from Egypt, Greece and Ireland.

The Keystone team speculate that a comet struck the Atlantic Ocean at the Puerto Rico Trench, triggering a huge tsunami, epic global rainfalls, flooding, ocean volcanoes and earthquakes. Gravitational anomalies often signal a cosmic impact, and the most negative gravitational anomaly on Earth is situated deep in the Puerto Rico Trench. NASA scientists report that beneath the trench is a mass so dense, its gravitational pull causes the ocean to dip and it affects navigational instruments.

During a recent interview, a spokesperson for Keystone University said, “To put forward any theory on the Lost Island of Atlantis is to open yourself up to a lot of ridicule. People can attack our findings, our organization or the very legend of Atlantis itself, but in the end we have over 1,000 pieces of evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that ancient Ireland is the legendary lost island and the mother culture of human civilization.”

He goes on to say, “We don’t ask anyone to believe a word we say, only to examine the evidence and think for themselves. Sixteen years ago, a brave Swedish scientist claimed that Ireland was Atlantis. Hopefully, we do not have to wait this long for the mainstream to catch up, but if we do, so be it. The Irish have waited over a thousand years to clear their name. Another decade won’t make any difference.”

To view the complete Atlantis research investigation, visit:  https://www.keystone.ie/

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