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“RIPPEDAT50” is a journey to self-love. It shows how to get ripped, lean, healthy and happy in the most-unhealthy environment ever inhabited by man. The book teaches how to hoist your health onto “9 Foundational Pillars” that are unfailing, everlasting, and indisputable. “RIPPEDAT50” teaches the importance of these pillars by sharing Troy’s own foils and toils with health through having children, going through divorce, Black Mold exposure, his modeling career, and more. 

Santa Monica, California, May 23, 2020, It is no secret that man has polluted his environment on the land, in the sea and the very air we breathe. A staggering amount of people all over the globe pay a huge price for this toxic environment. The Internet is flooded with self-claimed health gurus selling their latest gadgets, potions, and systems.

People who learn how to master the art of strengthening the immune system will be the ones that live the longest and enjoy life the most. This is not mere conjecture, but a scientific fact. Troy Casey, AKA The Certified Health Nut, has just published his latest book that will guide people to the best health in their lives. “RIPPEDAT50” sent shock waves through the Health & Wellness publishing industry.

It is based on the true story about how the author got lost in a sea of chemical and alcohol abuse, compounded by unhealthy eating, not enough sleep, etc. He descended into a pit of despair but had the testicular fortitude to push himself to discover the secrets to better health. His “9 Foundational Pillars” are a stroke of genius. He has proven himself to be a master wordsmith.

During a recent interview, Troy made these comments, “You do not need to lift weights, climb Mt. Everest, or be an Olympic athlete to be happy and fit. You will learn how to create innovative exercise and movement programs that make sense for your life and keep you feeling energized, vitalized, and refreshed instead of running you into the ground.”

He goes on to say, “Our world has evolved so fast that our bodies can’t keep up. I am going to show you 3 practices that helped me heal the digestive problems, evaporate the mental stress, and cure the neurological issues that punched me in the face when I was exposed to toxic mold. If these can help push poison out of my body, it is not far-fetched to say they can help you with your health issues. “RIPPEDAT50” is an integrative approach, it is my dynamic approach. And I am living it. Naturally.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.rippedat50book.com

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