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Spaulding Decon will go anywhere in the U.S.A. to properly decontaminate any location that has been exposed to Tear Gas or the Novel Coronavirus or Influenza. Physicians around the country are calling on the Police to stop using Tear Gas, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Tampa, Florida, June 24, 2020, The unrest caused by the George Floyd tragedy has left many cities with a massive Tear Gas Cleanup problem. This situation used to be ignored, but now science has proven that the use of tear gas requires a speedy decontamination according to the strictest protocols. Consider how difficult it is to clean, how it affects air ducts, AC systems, and how when it dries, it dries as a powder and then can reactivate itself and never go away.

“Spaulding Decon”, the nation’s leader in environmental and viral cleanup, is fully qualified and active right now cleaning up the aftermath or Tear Gas usage. The have also researched and use a registered powerful disinfectant that has been EPA approved to kill the Coronavirus. Spaulding has 24 locations across the U.S. While they do not disinfect people within the buildings, they are sought after to attack and kill the Coronavirus from such facilities as: Businesses, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Banks, Car Dealerships, Libraries, University Dorms & Classrooms, Public Schools, Government Offices, etc.

On June 3, 2020, The New York Times reported, “Tear gas brings temporary misery by stinging eyes and throats. There’s also evidence that it may increase the risk of respiratory illness.” On June 10, 2020, Newsweek Reported, “Police Using Tear Gas at Protests Risks Making COVID-19 Pandemic Worse, Human Rights Groups Say.” And Popular Science just reported that, “Tear gas during COVID-19 is a public health disaster.”

It is easy to see that Tear Gas clean-up should be a top priority of all the government agencies that employ its usage. This is a profoundly serious matter that needs attention right now, not only in the future, right now.

During a recent press event, Laura Spaulding, CEO of Spaulding Decon, made these comments, “While tear gas may be necessary for police and other law enforcement personnel to use, it can leave behind a very harmful residue that can pose a serious health hazard. Just some of the issues that tear gas residue can cause include eye and skin irritation, allergic reactions, rashes, and upper respiratory problems. The best way to avoid unintended exposure is for a professional tear gas cleanup crew to remove all traces of the harmful chemicals.”

When Spaulding Decon is called in for a tear gas cleanup job, they:

  • Send out a team of highly trained technicians to the affected property.
  • Use their proprietary cleaning products, which are designed to completely eradicate all traces of tear gas.
  • Test the area extensively to ensure that they don’t leave any traces of tear gas when they finish.
  • Remove any property that may have been damaged by the harmful substances.
  • Help property owners file insurance claims to help cover the damage and their cleaning services. 

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