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Siblings Team Up and Develop Online Learning Platform With a Goal to Help Today’s Youth Achieve Lifelong Success. 

Atlanta, Georgia, July 7, 2020, A brother/sister pair have teamed up to launch Kids Connected, an online, interactive, virtual activity and learning platform for children. Anne Marie du Toit, an attorney, and Tony Pritchett, a CPA, decided that the virtual learning children were provided with at the end of the last school year was not enough. They decided to combine their professional experience managing businesses with their passion for the success and intellectual development of today’s youth, and a vision was turned into a reality in just under two months.

Kids Connected is an online platform that allows instructors to manage and advertise live, online activities in which parents can enroll their children with little need for advance planning. Instructors can lead classes from anywhere since it is virtual and children can learn from anywhere. Activities can be educational, camps, enriching or just fun.

Anne Marie du Toit, Co-Founder of Kids Connected, commented, “I am excited to be a part of something that can be so beneficial to so many people. With my husband and I juggling jobs and virtual school for our 3 boys last year, things were hectic to say the least. We found ourselves most disappointed in the amount of static, app based and isolated screen time everyone was getting. The boys really missed interacting with other students.

“When I brought the idea of Kids Connected to my brother, who has a lot of experience with finance and operations of software companies, he agreed that it was something we needed to do. We started off thinking it would just be fun activities and camps, but as things evolved, we realized it could be a great platform for education and home-schooling alternatives as well.

“We are excited about the momentum and interest we’ve seen already since we first took this up in mid-April. Tony and I share a concern for the educational success of today’s youth and a passion to enable it. It’s also been great working with him on this fun new concept.”

Kids Connected activities can fit a variety of needs and interests. Today, some of the activities on the platform includes basic math skills, a lesson on lizards complete with a pet lizard as a special guest, Spanish camps, and even a fun project to create a mermaid biome. But whether it is guitar lessons, coding class, history class, learning about local marine biology, or anything else you can think of, there is a way to do it online – with a real live instructor. Participants can attend sessions once or multiple times and activities can be booked in advance or right before the start.

Instructors, or Activity Directors as Kids Connected refers to them, prepare activity plans that are all  approved prior to any sessions taking place. The Activity Directors will work with groups of children, generally small groups depending on the content, over an online video meeting. All sessions are recorded for everyone’s safety and all Activity Directors must pass a background check before being approved for the platform.

Tony Pritchett, Co-Founder of Kids Connected, commented, “When Anne Marie asked if I wanted to join her in starting this I jumped at the idea. With three young kids myself, I am concerned about their quality of education and this gave me an opportunity to take matters into my own hands. I now have the opportunity to help make a better alternative for them and all the other kids out there. We have enjoyed working with some great people so far and are excited to watch the Kids Connected community grow.”

For complete information, visit:   https://www.kidsconnected.com/

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