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The “Gravity Training Zone” is in the business of providing educational Fitness Inspiring Videos on YouTube. 

Morganville, New Jersey, July 14, 2020, With gratitude to the entire online community, “Gravity Transformation” wishes to announce surpassing the 2.5 Million Subscriber Milestone of their Gravity Training Zone YouTube Fitness Channel. The company Gravity Transformation is an online fitness business that provides fitness videos with instructions on how to build muscle and get in shape.

The 2.5 million subscribers milestone to the Gravity Training Zone YouTube Fitness Channel is in line with the fulfilment of the company’s vision, which according to a joint statement from owners, George and Max, is “To free people from problems associated with being overweight and obese, reduce the recorded number of deaths and illnesses associated with being excessively overweight, and set people on the right path to a stronger, healthier and higher quality of life”.

The Gravity Transformation Fitness Channel 2.5 million subscriber milestone is not just a celebration of the company’s growing relevance and usefulness to people all over the world; rather, it suggests that a 20lb reduction in weight for the obese and overweight across the globe will subsequently bring about a significant decline in the figures of illnesses and deaths associated with being obese.

Existing statistics show that 40% of American adults are overweight and obese. George Perelshteyn and Max Posternak are very aware of the danger this presents to society at large. The control and eradication of such a threat was the motivation behind the creation of their YouTube channel.

The channel does not require the use of a gym as it also provides methods for people to train in the comfort of their homes. You can join this thriving community today totally for free and set yourself on the path to a dramatic body transformation.

About Gravity Training:

Gravity Zone Training was founded in 2013 by Max Posternak and George Perelshteyn to help men and women lose weight, burn more fat, and build muscle in ways that are non-restrictive and sustainable. They are committed to helping anyone looking to transform their bodies and they provide free content on a daily basis.

For complete information, visit:  https://www.youtube.com/user/GravityTrainingSol/featured

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