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It is estimated that 4 million women have been, or are, married to gay men. Tune in and gain valuable insight that may be useful in your life. 

Walnut, California, July 24, 2020, Realizing that your husband is Gay can be quite a shocking experience. There exist resources that can be a huge aid in not only understanding what is taking place, but also to help resolve the issues. One highly recommended resource is a Podcast called “A Gay Mans Wife Podcast”.

During a recent interview, Tawyne and Mike made these comments, “We are Michael and Tawyne and have been together for 17 years and have 2 children together. After 10 years Mike came out as a gay man. Since then we have been working on our friendship and have chosen to raise our children together under one roof.”

They go on to say, “We are passionate about helping others in similar situations get through it with compassion and understanding. Our Podcast is our real and honest way to discuss our journey so far and to reach as many others and help guide them through their journey. It is about us showing people that they can make their own paths in life, not live the way society deems as “normal.”

There are already 26 episodes on their Podcast with more in the making.

Here is a glimpse at posted Podcast Episodes ready for your enjoyment:

  • Double the Dads, Double the Fun: Join us as we dive into the beautiful lives of Ricky and Jeff Conway. On this episode we get to know these two amazing men and their journey to building their family together. We talk about the struggles that come with marriage and adoption and the perfect timing of their children’s arrivals.
  • What’s your Entanglement? Mike talks about his past experiences in relationships with the struggles of being in a one sided monogamous relationship and how we survived ours with openness and acceptance.
  • Mike for President? On this episode we talk about our long week, from feeling ill to arguments and resolutions. Its not a walk in the park and this week really made that clear.
  • SEXplanations & Preparations: Whether you’re Gay or Straight, preparing for sex is super important! On this episode we talk about how we prepare ourselves and a few of our expectations with our partners.
  • Who’s your Daddy: Happy Fathers’ Day to all the amazing dads, step dads, father figures, Zaddys and sugar daddies! We appreciate and love you!
  • Speak the F?!%k up: Trans rights are human rights. Speak up against ignorance hatred. Educate those who are in need. Be the voice of those who cant speak up. Use your voice to demand equality. The first Trans Suicide Hotline is now up and running in the U.S. Trans Lifeline 877-565-8860
  • LESBIhonest: On this weeks’ episode we have our very first featured guests Brenda and Tanisha. We talk about raising their son together as 2 women and the struggles and positives that come with it. Check out their brand CapitalD and stay tuned for our giveaway collab.
  • Together we RISE: When we started this Podcast we wanted to shed light on our situation and help others like us see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important for us to normalize our relationship and friendship after a separation. But as we grow, we feel it’s important to not just talk about our own lives, but also to bring awareness to current injustices.
  • EnterTAINTment: On this episode we talk about reintroducing ourselves into society and what that means for us and our anxieties on being around large crowds. We discuss what we have been up to during this time and basically just small talk one another. As usual. thanks for tuning in.
  • Don’t Fool with Mikes Food: What makes you mad? Fooling with Mikes food and messing up my sleep are our biggest No No’s! We talk about dealing with Mike when he pisses me off and how we genuinely deal with anger. 
  • Screw the Stereotype: On this episode we talk about breaking the stereotype. There’s no one right or wrong way to do things. Just be you, do you, live your best life and stop judging others for living theirs. 
  • Mental Health Check: Mental health awareness month is something we like to take seriously. We like to take the time and share stories and comfort those in need. This episode Tawyne nervously shares her past and current struggles with mental health. 
  • Well … We have a teenager: Being a parent to a teenager isn’t what we imagined it to be, but we love it! 
  • Parenting, etc.: On this episode Mike and Tawyne touch base on their parenting. 
  • Chocolate Bunny: We get pretty candid in this episode about the linger effects of infidelity and triggers that we still haven’t been able to overcome. We appreciate you all for joining us in telling our story and sharing our journey! 
  • Isolation & Masturbation 
  • Going Crazy 
  • Quarantine Begins 
  • Corona Virus: On this episode of @agaymanswife we discuss our thoughts on the Corvus-19 virus as well as many other things! 
  • Ideal Vacation 
  • Discipline: On this episode we discuss discipline and parenting strategies as our kids grow! 
  • Moral of the Story, We Don’t Have Sex: On this Episode we clear the air about our sex life and our relationship. 
  • Valentines Shenanigans: On this Episode we discuss Valentine’s day! Spending this holiday with your loved ones doesn’t mean having to share it with a significant other. 
  • Here’s Why Mikes A Dick: On this Episode we find out that Mike truly is A Dick as we uncover the mean things he has said to me throughout the week. 
  • You asked, We answered: On this episode we answer a few important questions that we received form our listeners. 
  • Our New Normal: Everyone has a different “normal”. This is ours. On this episode we talk about how we have adjusted and where we are today. 
  • Out of the closet: Thank you for listening to our first podcast. On this episode we give a synopsis of the beginning of our lives together and touch base on Mikes coming out story. 

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