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This book is unique in that it includes ideas and proven lessons from a wide range of viewpoints on the topic of finding happiness and success. 

Fort Myers, Florida, August 6, 2020, Every once in a while, there appears a new book that has the power to change lives. “The Foundation of a Successful Life” authored by Joe Florentine and his daughter Erica Florentine, is just that book. While this may be a bold claim, one need only to peruse the pages of this 240-page book to appreciate that it is a valid claim.

“The Foundation of a Successful Life” will walk you through proven steps to success, like understanding what makes you happy, creating a positive mindset, goal setting, planning, turning hurdles into advantages and much more. These lessons have been used for generations by the world’s most successful people to get anything they wanted out of life. It does not matter where you are in life right now. All that matters is where you want to go from this point forward.

A unique aspect of this self-help book is that it was written by a father-daughter duo. Erica is in her 30s and her dad is in his 60s, and this blueprint for success works for both of them, and all ages. They have each spent years reading and learning various self-help practices in order to come up with this approach. It is tried and true and will be a helpful tool for anyone looking to enhance their life in any way.

Some key lessons within the book include how to:

  • Live a happier & more successful life.
  • Uncover and change your limiting beliefs.
  • Create a positive mindset.
  • Achieve anything you set out to achieve.
  • Maintain motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Make meaningful connections with other people (especially those critical to your goals).
  • And much more…….

The authors have proven themselves to be master wordsmiths. In fact, they have also published a companion manual, “The Foundation of a Successful Life Action Steps Manual” was created as a supplement to their book which teaches proven success lessons designed to help you become more successful in your life – personally, professionally, academically or a combination of these. Purchase the two together for optimal results. The manual follows along with the book chapter by chapter and guides you in applying the success lessons to your life. It also includes space for your personal Gratitude Journal.

During a recent interview, Erica made these comments, “Let’s face it, life is particularly challenging right now for a lot of people. It is times like this that people let the negative aspects of their life or the world around them get the best of them. Our recommendation is to do the exact opposite. You want to know a huge difference between successful people and those who constantly struggle to find success in their lives? It’s the way they view hurdles.”

She goes on to say, “In the mind of a person who tends to find success easily in life, a hurdle such as the current pandemic will absolutely, without a doubt, have a benefit in it for them. They will spend every free moment examining the current situation and figuring out how to turn it into a benefit. Oppositely, for those who tend to struggle to find success in life, they will tend to look at the hurdles posed to them by the pandemic and let those hurdles swallow them up whole. To those individuals, finding a benefit in the pandemic seems impossible. It’s all about mindset.”

To supplement the book, their company, Success Cornerstone, offers an exclusive online course and certification process for companies interested in joining their Partnership Program. By joining the Partnership Program, companies can access the course for their employees or members of their local community. The course takes the teachings from the book and helps students put those lessons into action in their life.

For information about the Partnership Program: SuccessCornerstone.com/Partnership-Program

For complete information about their new book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/173456217X

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