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Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, August 6, 2020, Businesses desirous of better internal communication will greatly benefit from the new and completely “turnkey” work-life-productivity and employee stress newsletter called FrontLine Employee. This new solution from FrontlineEmployee.com eliminates the universal stress and grind experienced by administrative and support staff typically facing the regular chore of assembling the company’s internal newsletter.

During a recent interview, publisher Daniel Feerst, an industrial social worker who created the business communication product for his own employer, made these comments, “Most companies know the value of a newsletter for improving communication, helping employees manage stress, and giving to them helpful work-life tips. The problem is most companies give up on the idea of doing their own newsletter because of the burden of managing it.”

He goes on to say, “Frontline Employee is done, ready to go, and a snap for any company to use. Most of our customers report nightmares and big flops with their last attempt at an internal newsletter. The typical story is dropped issues, reduced frequency, and plenty of embarrassment. FrontLine Employee solves and eliminates this problem, along with the stress, and the after hours work. It is emailed directly do the subscriber. It’s editable, comes early, never late, and costs very little.”

“FrontLine Employee hits every major issue”, says Feerst. “We’ve identified 12 major topics of work-life productivity and stress. Employee newsletter articles focus on these topics,” he says. While the key focus of FrontLine Employee is on helping employees, reducing risk and improving the bottom line is absolutely crucial goals for each article. Risk reduction and loss prevention is strongly associated with effective communication, and nothing works like a newsletter. With two pages and short, punchy, and digestible articles, FrontLine Employee is a welcomed guest in employee inboxes, not an unwanted pest of “more to read.”

Frontline Employee newsletter is marketed, published, and distributed by DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC in MS Word, MS Publisher, PDF, and text-only articles. Any company can now get a customized newsletter without the work. FrontLine Employee is rename-able, editable, reproducible, e-mailable, and can be posted on a protected webpage of the subscribers’ company. Spanish language version is also available.

DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC started in 1994 owns WorkExcel.com and offers publications, training products, free informational tools, ideas, and tips to support employers.

Business owners who want to try out the product can do so by pointing their web browsers to: http://FrontlineEmployee.com

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