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Pixingo.com just released a mobile app that allows you to touch someone without actually touching them. With just a few taps, you can send a printed greeting card to anyone from your smartphone. 

Draper, Utah, August 25, 2020, As the world emerges from the Covid-19 Pandemic, a new normal is taking place. Pixingo has launched their App for the next generation of personally reaching out with Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Canvas Wraps, Cards, Gifts, Gift Cards, Posters and more. Consider how this App is a game-changer: The Pixingo App lets you pick from thousands of templates. You add your text and an optional photo and tell them where to mail it. Pixingo prints, addresses your envelope, and mails your printed card with a real stamp for about $1.50.

Users can even add gifts like, cookies, brownies, and popcorn or just about any gift card. The average text or email lasts only a few seconds, but a greeting card hangs around on average for 17- days. This is how you can bypass the Inbox and the recipient will have a long-lasting impression versus an email that becomes just one of hundreds. There are No Minimums. The app is free and your first card is free. Pixingo is available for iPhone and Android.

Consider this: Email inboxes are overflowing with newsletters, receipts, bills, fake bills, breaking news, sales promotions, social media alerts, and spam. Emails often get deleted without so much as being opened, regardless of how clever the subject line is. Each day, people receive an average of 121 emails. The average lifespan of an email is just two seconds. A greeting card hangs around on average for 17 days. Brand recall for mail is 41% higher than email.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “In a world where so much communication is digital, personal cards have become all the more meaningful. They’re not only the first thing to get opened when someone checks the mail, they’re a great way to search out the people who are looking for you.”

He goes on to say, “Use personal cards with your customers to thank them for a purchase, showcase stuff they might like, or offer them a discount. And since people will hold on to your cards (and even hang them on the fridge), they’re much more likely to remember your brand. Our Mission: Help People Practice The Art of Kindness and create connections that last. Pixingo believes in making everyone feel valued.”

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