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Mario Rabi weaves a combination of fantasy and reality in this inspirational self-help book as he shares his own personal encounter with this pandemic and how he found his calling at this dire time to help others. 

Dallas, Texas, September 5, 2020, Every year there is a plethora of new self-health books published. Once in a while, there appears a book that has the power to truly open the reader’s eyes and change their lives. Even more compelling when the book is timely and relevant. Such is the case with Mario Rabi’s new release, “The Sage & The Dragon – Reflections on Hope During The 2020 Pandemic”.

Fans of Mario Rabi will not be disappointed. He proves himself to be a master wordsmith, so much so that readers comment that they felt as though Mario was in the room reading from his book to them. During these trying times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this book shows the light at the end of the tunnel.

The book begins as Mario recounts a recent experience at home, “I found myself tossing and turning in bed. I just could not sleep. The night was so long, yet even though uncomfortable, I somehow felt at peace. I woke up countless times during the night, but the more I tried to rest, the more difficult it was. I lay there thinking about what I could do to help others during the frightening 2020 pandemic of COVID-19. How could I contribute? How could I make a difference? Was I being called somehow to bring comfort to others? Was it my mission to provide help or, more importantly, hope? “

He found his answer as he felt compelled to put his thoughts in writing. “The Sage & The Dragon – Reflections on Hope During The 2020 Pandemic” has already changed lives and given hope to many people who were ready to give-up in light of all the challenges presented by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Readers Testimonials are the most succinct way to share the impact this this book has had in so many lives. Take a look at what Dr. Carol Kay, Author, Beverly Hills, California, has to say, “With an eye to the fanciful and magical, Mario Rabi weaves a moral tale into his personal experience of life under a pandemic. He bares his soul to the reader and asks that he or she enter his inner realm where a calling to help others has awoken him to the needs of humanity.”

This is what Elizabeth Hess of Pearl Edits Inc., had to say, “Life will throw challenges at you when you least expect it. This is the year to get ahead of the game. This self-help book could change your life.”

About The Author:  

Mario Rabi earned success as an International Hotelier and was acknowledged for his dedication to hospitality in many travel magazines. He has always reached out to show his support for such charitable organizations as the American Cancer Society, Red Cross, and is a youth consultant for UNICEF. In his spare time, Mario is an avid horse-rider, Karate & Soccer enthusiast. Thankfully, Mario has transitioned into writing and sharing his passions, and presenting inspirational and important words to us all.

For complete information, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Sage-Dragon-Reflections-During-Pandemic

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