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LUNDET engines will save 30% fuel and increase the useful payload ratio. Thanks to the structural character of the detonation engines, it will reduce the need for pressurization and reduce the engine structural mass. 

West Hollywood, California, September 16, 2020, Mission:DE is a space tech company that designs and develops propulsion systems for the next-generation space industry. The team has carried out theoretical studies on the detonation engines for over five years and now getting ready to fire their engine in 2021.

Detonation engines have recently been attracting much attention due to the theoretical efficiency increase. They have the potential to change all propulsion technologies fundamentally, from Mars missions to all space missions. They will play an essential role in exploring the unknowns of space due to an increase in around 30% efficiency.

Mission:DE, which started its work in 2018, became institutionalized in 2020, announced that the static ignition tests of the rotating detonation engine Lundet-7 engine, which they completed their theoretical designs last month, were also successful. This engine, which works much more efficiently than conventional rocket motors, promises to increase its functional load-carrying capacity up to 30 times in space missions.

Lundet engines propose a significant reduction in fuel needs and the ability to carry more useful payloads on missions. The proposed system has the potential to decrease costs on space missions significantly. On the other hand, it is possible to reach higher speeds due to this engine’s supersonic operation.

During a recent press event, Umit Yelken, CTO of the company, expressed his feelings as follows: “It is a great success to fire the rotating detonation engine working with kerosene/LOX as the main engine in a rocket for the first time in the world, and we will do this in 2021. Lundet-7 Static tests were remarkably successful. It was time for the world to abandon the propulsion technologies of the 20th century and switch to the propulsion technologies of the 21st century.”

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