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Chefs have complete control over their menu of food items, when to make them available for sale, and how much to charge. Cook’d will take care of all the operational and financial headache of running a home kitchen, managing orders, tracking finances, keeping up with local food safety rules, so chefs can focus on what they do best — cooking. 

San Francisco, California, October 21, 2020, In every neighborhood all over the country, there are Home Chefs cooking some fabulous dishes that they would love to share with everyone. This can also be an excellent new income-steam thanks to a recently launched one-of-a-kind digital platform by Cook’d. Imagine, an incredible food dish may be just a few doors way.

Many Home Chefs are truly dedicated to their love of cooking, and some of them make it to the Chef Competitions on TV. The homemade food delivery app provides an easy way for any home chef to promote their kitchen business and unique menu, and customers can search and purchase made-to-order goods for pickup or delivery within hours.

There are dozens of registered home chefs in your very own neighborhood who are making and selling fresh, unique homemade food. From just-baked artisan breads, pastries, and specialty confections to creative snack, soup, and spice mixes from around the world, there’s something to satisfy every craving or serve as the perfect centerpiece, side dish, or gift for the next gathering. Support local chefs and bring new, original flavors from around the community straight to the table.

Features of being a Chef on Cook’d:

  • New & interested customers right in one’s own community.
  • Save time with an easy, integrated order management system in Cook’d
  • Grow the business with opportunities with an automatic webpage for yourself Effortlessly market oneself, one’s kitchen, and one’s unique offerings.
  • Enjoy the convenience of seamless payments and financial tracking.
  • Join a tight-knit community of specialty chefs & local patrons.

All chefs enjoy the perks of the Cook’d platform: 

  • Advertising food to a wide audience with menu tiles and a custom webpage.
  • Managing orders and payments securely.
  • Giving discounts to friends and family and growing their kitchen business.

In turn, customers enjoy fresh, local, homemade food that cannot be found in restaurants or grocery stores.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained, “Cook’d is a California Silicon Valley based company founded by technology and business experts  with a passion for cooking. We take pride in making tasty dishes with a unique personal flair, and we know that there is a plethora of home chefs, even in our own neighborhood, that feel the same way.”

He goes on to say, “However, the only way to hear about these chefs was through word of mouth, making it hard for anyone who’s not in-the-know to learn about them. Cook’d was born the belief that there was a much better way to discover the fresh home-made food that was being made right in our area, and that making these home chefs more visible would help both them and potential customers.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.cookdup.com/
Download the apps from Apple and Google playstores: Cook’d Chef (For chef/seller app) and Cook’d (consumer/buyer app).

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