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Hair loss is a sensitive topic that everyone faces at one point or another. Many feel that over-the-counter products for hair growth simply do not work, which is why Fillizer has its competition in an uproar. Fillizer has introduced a patented device that has passed clinical trials and it shows that it actually works.

Little Ferry, NJ – November 14th 2020, Fillizer USA has made global headlines this week with the announcement that they have formally launched their highly anticipated hair restoration tool. FILLIZER is a powerful at-home hair restoration tool backed by science and proven to get results. FILLIZER is a smart, at-home haircare device that combats hair loss through cutting-edge science. The combination of a powerful Madhuca ampoule formula and laser technology to aid in its absorption is showing positive results.

FILLIZER uses patented device technology to deliver a powerful Madhuca ampoule to the scalp, promoting healthy long-term hair growth from the comfort of home. The FILLIZER device activates the scalp by delivering light energy deep into the skin with 32 near-infrared rays and red LEDs. Low-level laser therapy is used to facilitate ampoule absorption via near-infrared rays and galvanic ions (Iontophoresis)​. Fillizer’s patented delivery system applies ampoule directly to the scalp through stainless steel balls that protect against rashes and allergies.

During a recent press event, the company spokesperson for Fillizer was quoted as saying, “FILLIZER was created with comfort, usability, and effectiveness in mind. Most of the other products on the market are very expensive or do not even work, sometimes both. This is why we began an extensive research phase and created a device that uses laser technology to help the skin absorb the powerful ampoule formula that is gently massaged on to the skin.”

He went on to say, “During our clinical trial stages in Korea, we saw a huge success and are excited to bring this to the global market. Hair loss does not just affect senior citizens, some people begin to lose hair in their 20’s or 30’s. We developed this for them, a way for them to get their hair and their life back.”

Learn more about FILLIZER smart hair restoration tool or purchase one by visiting their official website at www.fillizerusa.com

They can also be found on IndieGogo by following this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/dd36b464#/

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