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Whether it is a sports injury or just life’s everyday wear and tear, many people have been searching for a massage device that actually works. Most products on the market are ineffective & cheap replicas of the product next to it, which is why the release of Arriste’s Medik marks a shift in the massage device industry. 

Irvine, CA – Nov 16th 2020, Arriste shook up the retail industry last December with the release of a next generation “Massage Gun” that is said to be unlike any other currently on the market. After selling out three times in the last year, they officially restocked their device this week just in time for the holidays. Medik is a powerful, yet quiet, battery-operated percussion massage device that relieves muscle soreness, increases range of motion, decreases warm-up time, and enhances recovery speed. Medik’s swivel head & longer handle allow for an easier back massage, which is just one example of how Arriste delivered what the consumers have been asking for – an ergonomic and practical massage device.

Arriste is a startup out of California founded in 2018 by two Asian-Americans with a vision to create a “best-in-class” percussion massage device. The company’s founder, Travis Nguyen, is an avid fitness enthusiast and spends his time developing products to help people live healthier lives. He recognized the gap in the market and saw that many products on the shelves were designed horribly and did not rise up to the expectations of the consumer, and thus Arriste was born.

The Medik Percussive Massager is a percussion therapy gun that has been custom-designed by Arriste with a focus on it being ergonomically-friendly & enhancing the user experience. Medik’s main features are its one-of-a-kind swivel head technology, extended handle for more reach, & 3 powerful speed variations. It also comes with a premium travel case & two-year warranty.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Arriste was quoted as saying, “We designed Medik with consumers’ feedback in mind. The two most common complaints of other devices were being unable to massage their own back and the lack of adjustability of the device – it was simply hard to use. We went back to the drawing board and created a device with superior adjustability, reach, and ergonomics”. He went on to say, “Medik is great for athletes, trainers, amateur athletes and anyone looking to relieve muscle tension or pain. It’s great for everyone to use.”

To learn more about the Medik Percussive Massager or to purchase it as a gift for someone for the holidays, visit their official website at https://www.arriste.com/

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