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Homeschooling has garnered quite the buzz in recent days, with a strong uptick in inquiries, especially as some schools close amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Homeschooling seems to be something that many parents have heard about but are just unsure how and where to begin. This book serves as a roadmap for parent’s looking to homeschool their children. 

Evergreen Park, IL – Dec 21, 2020, Author Ruth Hoskins recently announced the release of her new book that tons of parents have been waiting for, an in-depth guide into homeschooling. While there are some resources that guide parents on this very important decision, generally there is a lack of information and details on where or how to begin the process. “Homeschooling As A Lifestyle” is a guide based on how Ruth Hoskins and her husband, Bernard, began and successfully completed homeschooling their two daughters.

Ruth Hoskins and her husband homeschooled their children from pre-school through high school and her children then went on to excel and graduate from their prospective universities, with one even reaching the high honor of Magna Cum Laude. They were able to accomplish this without a teaching background. The book will take parents from the beginning of their children’s educational career through high school.

It discusses how to get started, the three phases of homeschooling, things to consider when picking a curriculum, and much more. They believe that every parent has a vested interest in the education of their own children and would like to encourage and equip those who have thought about homeschooling but are not sure how to get started. “Homeschooling As A Lifestyle” empowers parents to responsibly take the education of their children into their own hands.

In her new book, “Homeschooling As A Lifestyle, Ruth shares insights to help others successfully homeschool their children. During a recent interview, she was quoted as saying, “Homeschooling is not just about the academics, it is how life is lived while teaching, learning and loving within a family. It is a lifestyle. You can homeschool your children. If you do not believe it now, you will by the time you finish this book.

In “Homeschooling As A Lifestyle”, the author and her husband want to encourage other parents that with much care and attention, educating their children at home is something that many parents can do, and in many cases, it will be the best choice for their home. Whether living in an urban city like the Hoskins, or in a rural town, anyone can homeschool their children successfully.

To learn more about Author Ruth Hoskins or to purchase a copy of “Homeschooling As A Lifestyle,” visit her official website by clicking here or following http://www.homeschoolingasalifestyle.com

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