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Dispensary owners and pretty much anyone involved in the Cannabis industry face an extreme amount of oversight that needs to be done, just to remain compliant. This coupled with inventory control, sales limitations, and promotion management can make it an extreme headache to run a cannabis business. Canna Manager Pro new CRM software may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Eugene, OR – Feb 25th, 2021, Canna Manager Pro has made international headlines this week as they announce the launch of a new Cannabis CRM software suite solution aimed specifically at streamlining internal operations of cannabis related retailers. The Cannabis industry has long been riddled with operational issues, whether it is staying compliant, controlling inventory and proper labeling, and even banking in an all-cash business. Canna Manager Pro will streamline operations of Cannabis retailers by offering a Cannabis point-of-sale software solution built specifically for the cannabis industry, with unique features including an online menu and POS that will allow dispensary owners to focus more on selling than maintaining compliancy.

Canna Manager Pro was founded in 2015 by Software Team Pro, a highly dedicated team of software engineers, entrepreneurs, and former dispensary owners. The company spokesperson for Software Team Pro was quoted as saying, “We innovate how cannabis retailers manage supply chain data, complex compliance mandates, sales transactions, inventory, and reporting by delivering point of sale, compliance, inventory tracking, as well as business intelligence data from one, highly customizable and robust platform.”

Canna Manager Pro (CMP),a new Cannabis POS system is made to cater to the Cannabis industry, with unique features including:

  1. Canna Manager Pro (CRS) suite is the most compliant, data secure, and easy to use Point of Sale, Online Menu and Rewards CRM software in the cannabis industry.
  2. “Next-Gen” ordering: Real-time Online Menu to sales cart means no lead lag time for online orders and is just one tool included to increase the bottom-line. Canna Manager Pro is the new must-have business tool built specifically for cannabis retail, CBD Retail, or medical dispensaries.
  3. Better real-time inventory management, staffing, and expense controls as well as stronger sales processes.
  4. 2-way syncing with the METRC (CTS) Regulatory System. This plays a major role in the success of any dispensary in States that are currently using and uploading data daily to METRC (CTS).

During a recent interview, Tod Kilgore founder of CMP was quoted as saying, “After owning and operating cannabis retail locations for several years, I determined that the cannabis industry was facing several problems that were not being addressed adequately. Most POS systems on the market were not made for Cannabis sales, so we found ourselves having to use multiple systems and still were missing important features. He went on to say, “Dispensaries need a unique POS solution, that not only tracks inventory, but also puts limitations on customer orders, tracks promotions, labeling, and more.”

He went on to say, “We took the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years of running dispensaries and began designing a new software suite that addresses the specific needs of cannabis retailers. As former dispensary operators, we know exactly what features are needed and what features are wanted, and we are happy to deliver both in our new Canna Manager Pro software suite.”

Canna Manager Pro cannabis retail suite currently offers a demo trial.

To learn more about Canna Manager Pro or to take advantage of their demo offer, visit their official website at https://cannamanagerpro.com/


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