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Music Traveler is an artist/creator/musician-focused community marketplace that promotes the creation and appreciation of music, musical events, and education by reducing barriers to information, communication, and optimal artistic experiences. 

Vienna, Austria – March 19th, 2021, Music Traveler has put the music industry on notice this week with the announcement and launch of their new online streaming platform that is set to take the industry by storm. Known for their industry marketplace that connects musicians with available spaces and venues with musical instruments, the launch of MusicTraveler.TV (MTTV) seems like a natural progression for this up-and-coming future powerhouse of the entertainment industry.

Music Traveler was founded in 2017 by Julia Rhee and Aleksey Igudesman, as a marketplace that centralizes spaces and venues with musical instruments and equipment for the creative industry. Its primary vision was to ease access to resources on music-making and its activities as easily as possible for everyone. The platform enables users to search, book creative spaces and venues including but not exclusive to recording studios, concert halls, rehearsal spaces, lesson facilities, arenas, theatres, band-rooms, and more, with or without instruments or equipment for a transactional fee. Music Traveler.TV is a natural addition to their current marketplace and is a powerful online way to pool resources, network, release and consolidate content, host events, market, monetize performances, and fundraise for charitable causes and foundations.

MusicTraveler.TV (MTTV) provides simplification of digital revenue generation by artists’ work, reaching new audiences to facilitating fundraisers for charitable causes and grassroots initiatives. The feature is built for anyone to discover and enjoy quality music and artists who want to promote their talent instead of giving it away for free. Music Traveler marketplace is also dedicated to recording studios and concert rooms, from small clubs to arenas, giving the chance to the users to explore the facilities in the city and find the one that fits their needs more.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Music Traveler was quoted as saying, “It’s a great way for artists to gain publicity, monetize performances or to fundraise for charitable causes, with artists such as Daisy Jopling, Tristian Schultz, Iskandar Widjaja, Hyung-Ki Joo, Jacob Bunton and Julian Rachlin leading the initiative.” He went on to say, “We have newly overhauled and upgraded our iOS, android mobile app, planning to expand to 65+ cities covering 20+ countries in the next 12 – 24 months. In addition, Music Traveler recently launched a dynamic online streaming platform and interactive social networking portal focused on the creative industry.”

Music Traveler’s ambassadors are world-renowned musicians, performers such as Hans Zimmer, Billy Joel, John Malkovich, Yuja Wang, Emmanuel Ax, Julian Rachlin, Sean Lennon, Adrien Brody, and Alisa Weillerstein, to name just name a few.

World renown recording artist Billy Joel was quoted as saying, “What Music Traveler is doing a very important because it enables musicians to settle into a place to work on their craft. Having access to instruments is extremely important. you never know when inspiration is going to strike.”

To learn more about this new exciting streaming platform for musicians, visit MusicTraveler.TV’s official website at www.musictraveler.com

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