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Quittercheck is the first nicotine cessation tool that gives an immediate consequence: If a user smokes/vapes/chews, they lose money. This is one of the reasons why it is so effective….because it taps into the fear of loss, a powerful deterrent. 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, April 6, 2021, When Quittercheck announced their impending launch of their smoking cessation platform, they sent shockwaves throughout the stop smoking industry. It has been many years since any significant advances have been made in this niche, that is until now.

On April 20, Quittercheck will launch on Kickstarter and change the stop smoking industry forever. Early adopters will receive great rewards. Interested people can signup for advance notice HERE.

So why is this new program so effective? Here is the scoop:

  • Users Commit a Financial Pledge: How much cash is a user willing to put on the line?
  • Users Are Put To The Test: They will be notified to take the nicotine tests on a random day each week on video in the app for proof.
  • If The User Passed The Test: Keep it up. Failed or skipped the test? The user’s pledged cash is deducted, 100% to cessation charities.
  • Quittercheck has free cutting edge cognitive behavioral therapy lessons and activities designed by tobacco cessation therapists that will be offered in app. They will also be offering nicotine replacement therapy including patches, gum, and lozenges. There will also be a simple anti-craving breathing device they have developed that will help with stressful urges for nicotine. They will also be partnering with an online medical provider to offer quick access to prescriptions to help with cessation.
  • Exclusive Anti-Craving Device: A huge part of a nicotine addiction actually comes down to the action of holding something and lifting it to one’s lip. Quittercheck designed Venquil to help curb this habit by giving users something to replace that cigarette or vape pen.

Plus, the Venquil tool is smarter than it looks, as it calms a user’s body and mind by slowing down their exhalations. Venquil helps them to ride the wave calmly through those nagging cravings by providing back pressure to regulate breathing. Proper breathing techniques are scientifically proven to: Reduce cravings, Lower stress hormones, Decrease blood pressure and Ease anxiety.

Consider this: The average smoker tries to quit 8-30 times. Most relapses occur within the first 5 months. Quittercheck has an 83% success rate, at least 6 months nicotine free, with their early testers.

During a recent interview, Trevor made these comments, “In just 2 weeks we’ve had thousands of people sign up to hear about our launch. Some are asking us to help them quit because they have COPD or do not want to end up like their family member who has lung cancer. I think we’ll be making a big impact in a lot of people’s lives.”

Customer Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what Christine M. had to say, “I put a $200 bet on myself. I tried in the past to quit but would fall back into the habit when I was stressed. I was able to quit and be smoke free with the Quittercheck tests, I was held accountable and won my bet.”

About The Quittercheck Team: 

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, quitting smoking took on a whole new urgency. This inspired Dr. Trevor J. McGerr and a team of scientific advisors and programmers to create a fast and effective way to quit smoking. The team worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to create the Quittercheck platform and kits with the help of volunteer smokers.

With 83% of volunteer smokers staying smoke free, the team at Quittercheck knew they had hit the nail on the head. Now, they are setting their sights on helping the wider public quit smoking and reduce the 480,000+ annual preventable deaths from nicotine in the United States.

For a limited time, Quittercheck is giving away 25 Quittercheck plans and kits containing nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, and Venquil craving devices. If people do not win, they will also get a chance at 51% off at launch.

For complete information, visit: https://quittercheck.com

Quittercheck Media Resources can be seen HERE

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