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In European markets, It is now possible to manage AIRSELFIE Aerial Cameras from smartphones equipped with HMS and take in photos and selfie videos in HD while continuing to perform other activities from the smartphone.

Milan, Italy, April 14th, 2021 – AIRSELFIE formally announced this week the release of the all-new AIRSELFIE application, made for the management of AIRSELFIE Aerial Cameras and is now available for download in the HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei’s proprietary app store. Great photographic quality has always been a flagship of Huawei devices, and users can now experience end-to-end integration with the use of both the world’s smallest aerial camera and AIRSELFIE’s cutting-edge image management app.

It is now possible to manage AIRSELFIE Aerial Cameras from smartphones equipped with HMS and take incredible photos and selfie videos in HD while continuing to perform other activities from the smartphone. Thanks to the complete integration with HUAWEI HMS technologies, it is also possible to share in real-time the videos taken with AIRSELFIE directly on smartphones with other Huawei devices for a seamless user experience.

The intuitively designed “one-touch” app allows users to take photos and videos from the connected aerial camera, edit images directly in the app and share them instantly on social networks. Through the application it is also possible to set the combined flight and shooting modes, managing the aerial camera in a autonomous way, depending on which result is prefered: an autonomous flight on a preset path with a cadenced shot of 2, 3 or 5 photos or video, or a guided flight through controlled directly throught the app.

With the arrival of AIRSELFIE, the integration of applications for entertainment and creativity in the HUAWEI AppGallery continues unabated and Huawei’s partnerships with the main players in the sector are strengthened, with the aim of making the experience of customers more and more complete. For users who own HMS devices such as HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, HUAWEI P smart 2021 and HUAWEI P40 Series.

“The future of technology is in integration. That’s why in the next ten years, Huawei’s vision will be to offer its customers a seamless connection experience in which the smartphone remains at the center of the ecosystem as a connection hub for all peripheral devices,” says Stephen Duan, General Manager of Consumer Business Group Huawei Italia. He went on to say, “We are thrilled to welcome to the AppGallery a partner like AIRSELFIE who shares with us the goal of offering users simple and useful solutions to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology every day.”

In a recent interview, Stefano Cabella, President & Co-founder of AIRSELFIE was quoted as saying, “AIRSELFIE’s corporate mission is to contribute, through its technology, to the offer of aerial video-photographic products capable of increasing the possibility of sharing ones’ experiences and emotions, told through images, in an open, inclusive and distributed ecosystem.” He went on to say, “Thanks to the partnership with Huawei, AIR PIX, the first pocket aerial video-photo camera (weighing 52 gr.) is now able to share images, videos, contents between different people in real-time and with the support of the wide range of Huawei consumer products.”

Huawei AppGallery, active in over 170 countries and today the third largest app store in the world, sees over 120,000 apps integrated with HMS Core and 384.4 billion downloads achieved in 2020. 


AIRSELFIE products, sold in over 100 countries,  are the world’s first and only autonomous pocket-sized aerial cameras that allow users to take HD photos and video hands-free from the sky. On the leading edge of aerial camera technology with the introduction of its AI based, “AutoFly”,  Controller and App-Free autonomous flight mode, that allows AIR PIX to launch, fly, find the user, shoot HD selfies or video, and then return to the user with the touch of a button or even without a smartphone connection.  AIRSELFIE aerial cameras and their accessories are developed and produced by an international team of talent hailing from all over the world.

For more information on AIRSELFIE: www.AIRSELFIEcamera.com

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