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Zibarna is a storytelling platform that wants to create authentic, informative, and inspiring travel content to support a new generation of travelers looking for positive life experiences. Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about the world, and through the Zibarna Platform, unique tourism related books and stories will give invaluable insight to amazing places & help to shape the travels of generations to come.

Panama City, Panama, April 15th 2021 – Zibarna, Inc. formally launched their new platform this week that may reshape the landscape of the tourism industry. The Zibarna brand will not only bring attention to social issues in tourism-related areas, but will also educate future travelers on unique and exciting destinations as well as whats to offer in those destinations. By combining storytelling and travel, Zibarna.com plans to raise awareness about serious tourism-related topics affecting societies worldwide, such as the environment, drugs and human trafficking.

Zibarna was founded by Eduardo Rios Lasso, a Doctor from Panama with some years behind of experience in working with non govermental organization . His extensive travels and encounters with people from all walks of life is what has inspired him to create Zibarna, a travel related platform that will feature books and short stories in an effort to educate, and then curb certain social issues that occur not only in heavy tourism areas, but also in other neighborhoods throughout the world.

During a recent interview, Mr. Rios Lasso was quoted as saying, “We write every story in an authentic, genuine voice. We hope our unique narratives and characters inspire you to explore and talk about the world and social issues with new eyes. There are so many places off of the beaten-path that are yet to be explored, simply because most travel-related content caters to only the most known destinations. Our aim is to not only introduce new places to travellers, but to educate them on the social issues that impact those areas as well.”

He went on to say, “Zibarna, by definition, means Urban City. For us, it means a center of influence, in terms of culture. A place where decisions are made. This is why we named our new platform Zibarna, because we believe that through knowledge and information, future travelers can make well-informed decisions on where they would like to visit based on their culture and social issues that are directly related to and impact the people around them.”

To learn more about the inspiring Zibarna brand, visit their official website at https://zibarna.com/

To read their latest blog posts and stories, visit https://zibarna.com/stories/

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