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Now animal lovers everywhere can capture their pets most precious moments with custom pet portraits, made for any animal from dogs and cats to those scary little reptiles. 

Miami, FL – May 11, 2021, DINKI BINKI has formally announced this week the launch of their newest product line, custom pet portraits that will bring joy to animal lovers and their furry friends. Unlike other standard pet portraits, DINKI BINKI uses a unique painting technique that even people that already own a pet portrait, consider buying because of DINKI BINKI’s unique techniques of showcasing the portraits that are unlike any other pet portraits currently on the market.

DINKI BINKI’s portraits look very gorgeous in the interior of any house, giving the house a modern and chic atmosphere. Their portraits are made using the unique DINKI BINKI Technology on the highest museum quality paper and the frames are made of natural materials that are very environmentally friendly. They create portraits not only of dogs and cats, but also of reptiles, rabbits and even rodents. DINKI BINKI’s pet portraits can be shipped internationally, including to the USA and Europe within 5-8 days.

During a recent interview with the company spokesperson of DINKI BINKI was quoted as saying, “Our digital craftsmen manually capture the most vivid emotions and moments of your pet. The process that we use ensures that each client is happy with their portrait.” He went on to say, “We started this product line with the mission to enhance custom pet portraits to make them as life-like as possible, without losing the emotional aspect of the portrait. We know how important pets are to people, they are like family, so we treat each custom pet portrait as if it were a family portrait. That is what it is, a family pet portrait.”

To learn more about DINKI BINKI’s custom pet portraits, visit their official website at https://www.dinkibinki.com

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