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It is no secret that some automotive dealerships use all kinds of “tricks of the trade” in an effort to make as much money as possible. Now a former GM & Mercedes-Benz insider reveals how to get the best deal when buying a new or used vehicle and the dozens of mistakes the public has been making. Deshone Drummond is “America’s Auto Advisor”. 

New Jersey – June 21st 2021, Former Mercedes-Benz & GM sales advisor Deshone Drummond, known online as Deshone the Auto Advisor, has made headlines as he officially announces the release of his highly anticipated car buying guide that spills the beans on the lucrative automotive industry. In his new guide, “52 Car Buying Questions Smart People Don’t Ask That Cost Them Thousands” he goes into detail on everything from how to know your real trade value to getting the best finance rate.

Leasing vs buying to what to look for on a test drive.  “America’s Auto Advisor” leaves no question unanswered as he lays out how to leverage insider information and free online tools to get the best deal from home, without making any mistakes or wasting any time. As a launch promotion, Mr. Drummond has also announced that he will be giving away the first 10,000 copies of his car-buying guide for free on his website.

Deshone Drummond spent five years with General Motors and another five years with best-in-class Mercedes Benz as a high-level sales professional. It was this decade of experience that prompted him to begin his quest to help as many people as possible. Getting the best deal possible for his customers, to him meant structuring a deal that they would not just love the day they made it, but many years later. As he began revealing insider secrets and car buying tips, he quickly went viral on social media, and in a short 4 weeks amassed over 30 million video views and 1 million followers. The industry tips & secrets that he has been sharing struck a chord with the over 120 million people that are in the market for a new (or used) vehicle.

During a recent interview, Deshone Drummond was quoted as saying, “If the auto industry was trained like the real estate industry, the public wouldn’t need me.  Without bashing anyone, I educate Americans on the countless mistakes I have witnessed over my career that I intentionally paid attention to, studied, and solved to keep my clients out of these situations. They are learning everything from what to say, what not to say, knowing their vehicle’s real value and solutions to the mistakes they have made that have cost them thousands in the past. I do not hold back the best information and I think that is what has me growing so fast. It is simply information that 120 million Americans have never gotten from someone with thousands of transactions under his belt from inside the dealership. I have also had dozens of honest car salespeople message me to say how much they appreciate what I am teaching. They realize an educated customer makes their job easier, not harder.  When a person knows the real value of their trade, it is easier to make a deal, not harder. When they know how to spot a great offer when it is presented, it makes their job easier, not harder. Honest dealers understand that.”

He went on to say, “In my last 2 years inside Mercedes-Benz, every time a customer came in with a situation where they had lost money, I wrote it down. I then made it my mission to reverse engineer the events before this that caused the problem. That led me to the mistake the person had made. I then turned those mistakes into questions. And that is how I wrote the 52 Car Buying Questions Smart People Don’t Ask That Cost Them Thousands.”

Follow along as former Mercedes-Benz and General Motors sales professional Deshone the Auto Advisor teaches how to avoid the countless mistakes most car shoppers make that cost them thousands.

The first 50,000 copies downloaded from his website are completely free and can be found by visiting his official website at https://www.americasautoadvisors.com/52-questions-download/

Follow Deshone Drummond’s viral Tik Tok page at https://www.tiktok.com/@deshonetheautoadvisor and watch as he continues to make car-buying history.

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